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Question: Why does Clark keep burning his "S" symbol on the sides of buildings after saving someone? I get him doing it under the influence of red kryptonite, but at this point it just seems like vandalism that Superman would never do. Clark even saw Chloe having to scrub his mark off the wall of Watchtower, which wasn't an easy task. And if it's meant to be a symbol of hope against crime for the people of Metropolis, why burn it into the side of the refinery in Smallville after putting out the fire?


Asylum - S3-E9

Question: How realistic is Lana's physical therapy scene? She says she broke her leg in 4 places and hasn't walked in a month. She's seen struggling to walk using the metal bars to support herself, which Adam seems to suggest she could do "another lap" but that she quit. But then after struggling to walk, she's given her crutches and the therapist leaves, leaving her to walk on her own with crutches. If she struggled with the bars, could she use crutches? Or would she be in a wheelchair?


Hug - S1-E11

Question: Ignoring the meteor metahuman powers, couldn't Jonathan Kent say the signature was a forgery, and he didn't sign it? It didn't seem to be notarized. He doesn't remember signing it or know what Rickman said to him to get him to sign it, so what would the courts or a lawyer say if Kent just said that's not his signature, or he didn't sign it? And how ironclad could the contract be without the date filled out?"Twentieth" day is typed out, but the month and year is blank.


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Question: Whats the deal with Michael Rosenbaum? Did he leave the show? I find it strange that he is nowhere to be seen in the show or in the opening credits. If that is the case, is it known why he left? Or is this just some plot device to build suspense?

Carl Missouri

Chosen answer: He simply chose to leave the show. He wanted to move on; seven years is a long time to devote to a single project, so he felt it was time to move his career onwards. As a result, the character of Lex, which they'd taken as far as they realistically could anyway, was written out of the show. It's certainly not out of the question that he could make a guest appearance in a future storyline, much as Kristin Kreuk, who also left the show at the end of season seven, did in the middle of season eight, but so far this has not occurred.

Tailkinker Premium member

Answer: In the comics, Krypto is a dog from Krypton who was used as the passenger in a test launch by Jor-El, Superman's father, before he launched the actual rocket taking his infant son to Earth. Krypto's capsule was involved in a mishap, sending it out of Kryptonian orbit and eventually found its way to Earth where he linked up with the young Clark Kent. Like any native of Krypton, Krypto has superpowers on Earth. In Smallville, the dog is a standard Earth dog who has been experimentally injected with kryptonite, giving him super-strength for a limited period of time, who escapes and links up with Clark (who suggests the name Krypto, ostensibly because of the dog's cryptic origins). It doesn't take too long for the dog's strength to fade, and the Kents decide to keep him, although they ultimately name him Shelby, after a dog that Martha Kent had in childhood.

Tailkinker Premium member

Chosen answer: No. Kryptonite as a plot device has changed from "every yahoo can get a chunk at the corner store" to an extremely rare element. It hardly ever shows up anymore. Also it really doesn't need an antidote. So long as it's removed from Superman's vicinity before he dies, he'll recover. Its effects don't linger like radioactive materials do for humans.

Grumpy Scot

Answer: In Smallville, blue kryptonite does makes Kryptonians immune to the effects of green kryptonite. Although it does remove their super power abilities (by making them unable to process the power of the yellow sun). In some versions of the comics, blue kryptonite was the antidote for red kryptonite. In the comics, Supergirl tried to create an antidote to kryptonite which resulted in X-kryptonite.


Descent - S7-E16

Question: In this episode, Lionel falls to his death. While still on the steps, covered with a tarp, the cop tells Lex that she needs a positive identification, so Lex must look at the dead body to confirm it's Lionel. Lionel was a well known public figure, and they obviously knew who he was well enough to get Lex to identify him. I've seen cops do this in other shows, so is it really a policy or practice to get family members to give a positive identification? Would they ever ask for it at the scene?


Answer: This is a common TV/movie trope that sets up a dramatic "reveal." It mostly streamlines the plot and eliminates the need to film an entirely separate scene. In real life, identity is handled at the morgue. A photograph of the corpse would be shown to family, a close friend, or other associate. This is done in a visitor's room and not in the lab. The family can supply photos that the coroner could compare with the body. A person's identity can be verified by other physical traits-birthmarks, scars, medical conditions, etc. In extreme cases, DNA testing would be used.

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Salvation - S9-E21

Question: Why did Kira not disappear with the Kandorians when Clark opened the portal, since she is Kryptonian as well and was not infected with blue Kryptonite?

Answer: It is most likely that Kara was not on earth at the time. She had gone off on her own to look for Kandorians, not knowing the survivors she heard rumors of were the ones Tess releases. How she leaves earth is never fully explained, but since the Martian Manhunter was introduced, he may have lent her a ship. She only returns to earth when Jor'el calls her when he feels Clark will not be able to defeat Darkseid.

Answer: Her name is "Lara Lor-Van" (though it was originally "Lora", not "Lara"). Look here for more information about her.

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Question: Does Michael Rosenbaum actually have hair in real life because in many parts of the series Lex Luthor seems to have a grey shade to his head indicating that he has shaved his hair really really finely, so does he have hair and does he therefore have his hair shaved off before filming?

Answer: He does have hair in real life.

Tailkinker Premium member

Answer: Yes, he did actually shave his head for the part. However, after being shaved, makeup artist did work on his bald head to hide his hairline and give him the look you see. Producers were always expecting him to shave, but they did allow Michael to see what wearing a bald cap would entail and even he didn't like the look of it (he said it made him look like a conehead was looked fake) and suggested he shave his head.


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Question: Throughout the series, people mutate fairly soon after their exposure to kryptonite. Is it ever explained how Lana has managed to wear a piece of kryptonite around her neck for 12 years and not change?

Answer: The kryptonite only creates mutations when it reacts with the environment and an individual. Remember, the FDA and several environmental groups did check out Smallville after the meteor shower, but found no danger in the rocks. Obviously they're not always emitting mutating rays, or all the flora and fauna of the surrounding area would be horribly mutated.


Whisper - S3-E10

Question: In the episode, 'Whisper', there is a character that makes a very high pitched feedback like noise. Is this a character that was in the old comics and can anyone tell me how this guy does that noise?

Answer: No, there is no such character in the comics. He's a "meteor-freak" like all the other baddies on the show. The sound has something to do with him vibrating his vocal cords very fast to create a high-pitched squeal.

Answer: Nothing is mentioned of her afterwards. She has no comic book counterpart either. Since she did put Dustin in a coma because of her attack, it's possible she was sent to Belle Reve after being released from the hospital.


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Trivia: Clark always wears blue and red clothes (or at least one of these colors). No surprise that when he got his Superman costume, he chose those same colors.

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