Whisper - S3-E10

Continuity mistake: When Clark is faced with Nathan Dean at the Auto Wrecking lot, Nathan says "In a minute, neither one of you will care," (regarding Pete Ross' whereabouts). The next shot is of the blue car that Pete is trapped in with the windows blown out. Then the shot goes back to Clark and Nathan, and the cars fall onto Nathan. Clark is then listening for Pete and when we see a shot of the blue car being crushed, this time we see the windows being smashed.

Whisper - S3-E10

Continuity mistake: Martha asks Clark to come out after he gets glasses. In the shot showing all three of them, Clark comes into view on the left side of the screen and is turned toward his parents. The very next shot shows he is just walking through the door of the optometrist and turned away from his parents as he closes the door.

Shimmer - S1-E10

Lana Lang: That's the thing about Clark Kent. He's not always there when you want him... But he's always there when you need him.

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Trivia: In the Episode "Flash" when Clark confronts the Flash in his hotel room, he reads off the fake I.D.'s Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West. Those are the secret identities of the first three men to be called the Flash. Also, this Flash says his name is Bart, like Bart Allen, the teen hero formerly known as Impulse and currently being called "Kid Flash." (00:10:35)

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Question: Throughout the series, people mutate fairly soon after their exposure to kryptonite. Is it ever explained how Lana has managed to wear a piece of kryptonite around her neck for 12 years and not change?

Answer: The kryptonite only creates mutations when it reacts with the environment and an individual. Remember, the FDA and several environmental groups did check out Smallville after the meteor shower, but found no danger in the rocks. Obviously they're not always emitting mutating rays, or all the flora and fauna of the surrounding area would be horribly mutated.


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