The Toy

Question: Why does Stanley believe writing a book is a cop-out?

Answer: Because writing isn't a real job with a regular paycheck. Jack hasn't paid his mortgage in 6 months, so he's not making a living as a writer. So when Jack replies he has a job as a writer, Stanley is saying Jack is using that idea as an excuse not to work a regular job.


Question: At the end of the movie, what did the boy say to his mom before shooting a toy dart at Jack's head?

Answer: "Up yours, you mother!"


Continuity mistake: In the scene at the fund raising party where Jack and Master Bates are messing up the party, the Grand Wizard of the KKK is pushed into a bowl of chocolate pudding. The amount of pudding on his face constantly changes in subsequent shots from completely covered to partially to completely to partially to finally completely covered.


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Fräulein: I'm gonna tell your father.
Jack Brown: Does everybody around here say that?
Eric Bates: Yeah.
Jack Brown: Well I'm not gonna say it anymore.

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