Question: During the scenes with the Apaches what language are they speaking?

Factual error: When Hondo is introduced to the young cavalry lieutenant, Buffalo Baker remarks that it is 1870. Later, when the survivors return to the ranch, they claim to have killed Victorio; however, Victorio was actually killed in 1880 in Mexico, by Mexican troops.

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Suggested correction: They are talking about when "Victorio" the Indian chief dies. In the movie though the Indian chief is "Vittorio" he is a fictional character. So you can't compare his death to the real Victorio.

When Mrs. Lowe sees Vitoria for first time he says his name is Victorio.

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Hondo Lane: How is he?
Buffalo Baker: He'll make out. Don't know much. Led us into an ambush. But I ain't ashamed of him nohow. Bullet holes are in the front of him.
Hondo Lane: All those youngsters from the Point are like that.
Buffalo Baker: Well, they gotta learn.
Hondo Lane: Partly they learn, partly they die. But I gotta float my stick same as you, I never saw one of 'em I had to be ashamed of.

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