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Revealing mistake: In the final Indian chase at the conclusion of the film, when a covered wagon rolls over, one can see the rope that was used to ensure it tipped over.


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Suggested correction: It's not a radio tower. It leans to one side and also the line goes almost to the creek bed. When the troops come back after getting ambushed it's not in the picture anymore.

I'm currently watching the movie and I noticed the radio tower in the background. There are no wires and the tower was not leaning.

Suggested correction: It isn't a tower at all, it's a flaw in the film. As the scene continues, at one point you can see it kind of shake or move a little. It's just a line or flaw on the film itself, it's not a radio tower or anything in the background.

Factual error: When Hondo is introduced to the young cavalry lieutenant, Buffalo Baker remarks that it is 1870. Later, when the survivors return to the ranch, they claim to have killed Victorio; however, Victorio was actually killed in 1880 in Mexico, by Mexican troops.

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Suggested correction: They are talking about when "Victorio" the Indian chief dies. In the movie though the Indian chief is "Vittorio" he is a fictional character. So you can't compare his death to the real Victorio.

When Mrs. Lowe sees Vitoria for first time he says his name is Victorio.

Visible crew/equipment: When Hondo is being chased by the Indians after killing Lowe and gets knocked off his horse, when he jumps back onto the horse, look in front of the animal; you can see the white shirt of the man holding the horse.

Factual error: Although Hondo's story takes place in 1869/70, he packs a Colt Peacemaker, which was not manufactured until 1873.

Factual error: When Hondo first meets the woman and kid, he tells them that he is riding dispatch for General Crook. The movie takes place 1869/1870, and Crook was not promoted to General until late 1872. While it is true he received a brevet promotion to Major General in the Civil War, upon the war's end, he reverted to the permanent rank of lieutenant colonel, and was not promoted to Brigadier General until 1872.

Continuity mistake: The wagon Buffalo Baker is driving, one horse is killed and Honda cuts the leads and they take off again. In final scene his wagon has 4 horses again.

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Question: During the scenes with the Apaches what language are they speaking?

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