Rescue from Gilligan's Island

Question: Why didn't Tina Louise reprise her role as Ginger?

Answer: She felt the role typecast her and ruined her career. She also demanded a lot of money to reprise the role but was refused and another actress was cast.

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Question: How did Honolulu know that it was the castaways on that boat hut so fast? How did all those people get to greet them get there so fast?

Answer: When the Coast Guard chopper found them they radioed ahead, that they found the castaways that went missing all those years ago.

Other mistake: At the end of the movie, when everybody wonders where they are, Gilligan holds up a piece of wood that says Minnow-1, making everybody realise they are back on the island. The name of the boat was known as the S.S. Minnow, and not Minnow-1.

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Gilligan: Hey Skipper, why don't you donate your pants? When they fill with air, we can fly to Hawaii.

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