Rescue from Gilligan's Island

Revealing mistake: When Gilligan is being pulled around in the water after getting on the hut boat, you can see the superstructure of the walls around the lagoon.

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Other mistake: In this movie, after being rescued, the Skipper tells Gilligan they missed the days of miniskirts and Gilligan asks "What are miniskirts?" (As if he's never heard of them). However in the original series, an episode mentioned miniskirts and Gilligan said he can wear "minipants" since Ginger could wear miniskirts. He already should have known what they were.

Continuity mistake: After the tidal wave hits the island, there is a wide aerial shot of the hut. There is no palm tree tied to the hut, yet after they hear Gilligan yelling, there it is, with Gilligan on it.

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