Question: During Venom's fight with the SWAT team, he throws an officer off a balcony and the officer lets out a Wilhelm scream. Why was this scream taken out in the DVD and Blu-Ray?

Question: I kinda don't understand the ending. Does Anne no longer blame Eddie for losing her job and ending their relationship? Did both Eddie and Anne get their jobs back or do they move on? What has become of The Life Foundation? Has founder Carlton Drake been exposed for the evil person he is for killing homeless people and Dora Skirth?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: Since Eddie is seen talking with Ann, she seems to have forgiven him. Ann decides to become a public defender and Eddie was given his old job back but, he chose not to take it. Instead, he decides to go back to journalism. As for the Life Foundation, it's only speculation but, with the photos that Eddie took, it's possible that it shut down and Drake's plans and the people he murdered were exposed to the public.

Question: What became of the little girl after Riot left her body?

Answer: Like all other temporary hosts, she died. This was first seen when Riot took over the EMT and when he left her after finding a new temp host, the EMT died.

It depends on how long they are inside the host though, as Venom took over Annie as well but she survived. It depends on how much they feed on their host. In the case of the girl he was inside her for several hours or more so she most likely died.


A host can only survive if they are a genetic match to the symbiote that is bonded to them. If they aren't they'll leave the host and the host will die as shown with the three hosts that Riot took control of then left. Plus, as it seen in the movie if the symbiote can find some other form of food, it won't feed on the host at all.

If that's the case then Annie should have died as well or she just happened to be a genetic match as well.


Since Ann lived, this would mean she is also a genetic match.

That seems way too much of a coincidence.


It's not a coincidence. Dora Skirth explained to Carlton Drake that symbiosis falls along the same lines as an organ transplant. The only way for a host (recipient) to survive is if the symbiote (organ) is a match. This explains why so many of Riot's previous hosts died but Carlton survived.

That actually makes it a coincidence.


Question: When Eddie goes to see Dan about the test results, Dan says that the symbiote is damaging Eddie's organs but Venom says it's part of the symbiosis. Was Venom really damaging Eddie's body? If not, what was he really doing?

Answer: Venom was using Eddie, much like Riot, to invade Earth. Venom was damaging Eddie's body until he grew to like him, which is why he said he could fix it while Dan was telling Eddie all of this.

Answer: If they are not sustained by other nutrients (like lobster) they will start feeding on the host. Venom was doing that to Eddie, until he is fed.


Question: When Eddie is in his apartment trying to eat, Venom tells him not to answer the door. After that, there's a knock on the door. How was Venom able to tell that there was someone outside Eddie's apartment?

Answer: The symbiote has heightened senses. It could hear someone approaching.


Question: Venom can take control of Eddie any time he wants to. When he tells Eddie to jump out of the window after Eddie leaves the proof on his boss' desk, Eddie takes the elevator instead. Why did Venom let Eddie take the elevator instead of making him jump out the window?

Answer: The entire movie is about the struggle between Eddie and the symbiote, which doesn't always want to take control.

Question: Given how Ann is, why would she let the symbiote briefly bond with her unless it told her about Eddie?


Answer: Ann let Venom briefly inhabit her because it was quite obvious to him that she still had feelings for Eddie. This is most noticeable when Ann takes Eddie to the hospital and Eddie apologizes to Ann for making her lose her job.

Question: If Venom got hit by fire at the end how'd he survive?


Answer: It's not really explained, but I think we are just supposed to assume that Venom didn't completely burn up. Enough of him survived that he was able stay bonded with Eddie and live.


Question: I'm a huge Spider Man fan, but I've never understood Venom's weaknesses. Why would he be affected by sonics and fire?


Answer: It's from the comics and much like Superman's weakness to kyptonite, it was just written that way. Venom is part of a species of extraterrestrial symbiotes that were forged in the head of a dead Celestial (which would later be known as "Knowhere") by an evil deity known as Knull. One of the unintentional effects of the forging in the head is weakness to sound and fire.


Answer: Possibly, but very unlikely. The mid-credits scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home sees Eddie Brock telling his bartender that he intends to go to New York to "talk to this Spider-Man guy" (paraphrased), which would suggest he's never heard of Spider-Man before, and if he occupied the same universe as the Andrew Garfield version, he would definitely know who Spider-Man is, not least because Eddie is an investigative journalist, and Spider-Man would undoubtedly be one of, if not the most, famous persons on the planet.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: No, it's established that Tom Hardy's Venom is in a universe of his own. The mid-credit scene of "Let There Be Carnage," shows him jumping into the MCU and seeing Spider-Man for the first time. At the end of "No Way Home," he wants to go to New York, but is pulled back, but leaving a piece behind. Somebody will be Venom in the MCU, maybe rich kid Eddie Brock, his arrongance would be perfect for Venom.

Venom, as in the symbiote, knows who Spider-Man is and has been to multiple universes. It's Eddie Brock that seems unaware of Spider-Man. Although there was that "incident at the Daily Globe", which in the comics is what started Brock's hatred of Spider-Man.


Answer: I agree it's unlikely he's in the Garfield universe. At the time of the film, Tom Holland was already Spider-Man. It would be different if this Venom film came out before 2016. But the Symbiote has been to other universes in the multiverse as explained in "Venom: Let There Be Carnage", so it's possible it's been to the Garfield universe and could be the same one from the Maguire universe.


Answer: If you saw the mid credit scene at the end of Venom 2, that crossover has happened and Venom seems to have an appetite for Spider-man.

The Venom and MCU Spider-Man crossover is official, but it remains to be seen if the Tobey Maguire version of Spider-Man crosses over with one or both.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: The two films don't take place in the same universe, and although a crossover with Spider-Man: No Way Home seems likely, they are not bound by each other's rules.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: After Riot took over the little girl's body at the airport, what happens to her parents?


Answer: The parents do not notice when the little girl leaves the bathroom and are never seen or heard from again. Presumably they believed their daughter to be missing and an investigation would be launched, but the girl would not be found until after Riot had switched bodies and she was killed.


Question: Dora Skirth briefly mentioned to Eddie Brock and Carlton Drake about her family. Did she have a husband and/or children? Was she worried about what The Life Foundation would do to them? If she had a family, did they get compensated for being killed by Drake?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: She told Eddie that she couldn't go to the police out of fear for her family, and Drake had kind of ominously mentioned her children when she said they weren't ready for human subjects. If it could be proved that Drake murdered her, they might have grounds for a lawsuit, especially if they could prove he was acting on behalf of the Life Foundation.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Carlton Drake's The Life Foundation was being sued for unethical testing on human subjects. Ann Weying was one of the foundation's defense lawyers. Ann's fiance, Eddie Brock, an investigative journalist, happened to see some of her documents related to the case.

raywest Premium member

Venom mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Anne breaks up with Eddie on the sidewalk right after they get fired from their jobs, she approaches him and drops the box she is carrying. A ceramic mug falls out of the box. There is both visual and audible confirmation. After putting her ring in his shirt pocket, she bends to pick up the empty box and proceeds to walk away without also retrieving the missing contents. (00:14:45)

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[Eddie is surrounded by a SWAT team.]
Swat Leader: Hands! On the ground, now!
Eddie: Guys, you do not want to do this, trust me.
Swat Leader: Masks.
Swat Officer: Copy.
Eddie: Alright, have it your own way. Mask.
Venom: Copy.
[Venom emerges from Eddie.]

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