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Corrected entry: When Carlton Drake is giving the tour to the children, he gives the pin on his lapel to a girl, but it's suddenly on his lapel again when he's interviewed by Eddie.


Correction: His assistant says he needs to get ready for his interview, implying some time passes between the two scenes. He simply put another one on in between scenes, since it has his company's logo on it, and he'd want to show it off.


Corrected entry: Venom kills the mugger at the end in the convenience store, but when Eddie is leaving there is no sign of the body behind him.


Corrected entry: After Eddie is being chased by Drake's henchmen he rides his bike but he never uses the key or the pedal to turn it on.


Correction: There is a cutscene between him getting on the bike and driving away with it, he turned it on in between shots. It's a real bike, they aren't using sound effects to pretend the bike is working or anything.


Corrected entry: When the Malaysian ambulance carrying the infected female EMT is overturned on the road, the number "911" is visible on the ambulance. The Malaysian EMS number is "999", not 911 which is used in the USA.


Correction: Actually it reads "119" which is probably just the number for the ambulance itself, not the EMS number.


Corrected entry: People's breath can be seen at the crash site that's supposed to be in Malaysia. It doesn't get cold enough there to see your breath.


Correction: It doesn't have to be extremely cold for you to see your breath. It also depends heavily on the amount of humidity in the year. As long as condensation can occur, you will be able to see your breath. Also, it can get surprisingly cool at night in some regions of Malaysia.


Correction: He gets out of the back seat on the driver's side. Someone else is driving. They most likely took a Lyft or Uber. Or even had a friend drive them.

Corrected entry: When the newly formed 'Venom' breaks out of the Life Faculty (which looks like a hi-tech research faculty) they don't know who stole the organism. They could just check the security cam feed, instead of wasting time interrogating the doctor.


Correction: The facility is secret and doing some pretty unethical stuff. It's possible they intentionally don't have cameras hanging around recording all the illegal activity they are doing. Especially in the location they are testing humans. Or else Dr. Skirth wouldn't have needed Eddie to take photos and film for evidence either, just take the security camera footage.


Corrected entry: After his breakout from the Life Foundation building, and being chased by their security teams, Eddie crashes through a fallen tree and then comes to a full stop while assessing his options. Two guards with guns are right on his heels, less than 20 feet behind him. Two all-terrain vehicles with more guards are speeding towards him from both his left and his right. Both vehicles are less than 30 feet on either side of him. And yet, somehow, he manages to disappear up a tree, with 6 guards on three sides of him-all within 20-30 feet and with a clear view of him-without any of them knowing where he went. Eluding one or two guards might be explained away, but not 6 with unobstructed views from that distance. And especially not the level of security that these guys are throughout the movie. (00:38:10)

Andrew Bauer

Correction: Remember he is at this point possessed by the symbiote. Remembering also that it was dark, from one moment to the next he just disappears from their view near a tree. There is no reason for them to think he climbed up, not that fast. To them, he just suddenly vanished. The symbiote just dragged him up there really rapidly, too fast to see.


Corrected entry: Towards the end Venom should be seriously affected by the high noise from the spaceship in his fight with Riot, but he was not.


Correction: Venom (and Riot) are not affected by high, or loud noises, unless it's within the 4-6 MHz range. The spaceship they were fighting next simply did not produce the right frequency. It was the sound that Anne pumped through the speakers that was at the right frequency that affected them.


Corrected entry: At the end it is in the middle of the day when Eddie enters Mrs Chen's store, but when he exits the store only a few minutes later after Venom eats the robber, it is suddenly night.


Correction: At the end it's only daytime when Venom and Eddie are talking about getting something to eat, but they're not actually next to Mrs. Chen's store and have to walk there. The scene cuts to him then entering the store (rather than showing him walking there and the whole passage of time). When he enters you can tell it's night/dark now because a car is seen driving with its lights on.


Corrected entry: If the Life facility is super secure and they are conducting highly illegal experiments with aliens and humans, there's no way Eddie could gain access so easily.


Correction: He was secretly let in by Dr. Skirth by hiding in the back seat of her car.

Correction: When a company is working under the radar and is probably badly organized by a power hungry megalomaniac it's not unlikely it lacks in certain areas, including security.


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Continuity mistake: When Anne breaks up with Eddie on the sidewalk right after they get fired from their jobs, she approaches him and drops the box she is carrying. A ceramic mug falls out of the box. There is both visual and audible confirmation. After putting her ring in his shirt pocket, she bends to pick up the empty box and proceeds to walk away without also retrieving the missing contents. (00:14:45)

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Eddie Brock: You bit somebody's head off.
Venom: Fuel in the tank.

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Trivia: When Ann and Eddie are on their date, Ann reminds Eddie of his firing from the Daily Globe. In the Spider-Man comics, Eddie Brock was a reporter for the Daily Globe, a rival newspaper of the Daily Bugle. In the comics, a string of murders were being carried out by a serial killer named the Sin-Eater. Eddie interviewed a man who claimed to be the Sin-Eater but Spider-Man captured the real one and the man that Eddie interviewed was found out to be a compulsive confessor. This incident caused Eddie to get fired from the Daily Globe and sometime after becoming Venom, moves to San Francisco after agreeing with Spider-Man that they will not bother each other on the condition that Eddie no longer commits any more crimes.

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Question: During Venom's fight with the SWAT team, he throws an officer off a balcony and the officer lets out a Wilhelm scream. Why was this scream taken out in the DVD and Blu-Ray?

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