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Good Times (1974)

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J.J. Becomes a Man: Part 2 - S2-E3

Visible crew/equipment: When Florida is begging James to borrow money from the loan shark, she and James stand up; Florida is on the left, James the right. At the top of Florida's head behind her you can see the microphone overhead and it moves quickly out of the frame. (00:32:00 - 00:33:00)

Cousin Cleatus - S3-E14

Other mistake: The FBI agents call for a taxi and official transportation from the Evans apartment and gave the address of 963 North Gilbert. However, the Evans lived at 921 North Gilbert. Since the FBI was at their apartment, you would think that they would know the address or exactly where they are in a Chicago project. (00:13:03 - 00:28:29)


Willona, the Fuzz - S5-E6

Other mistake: JJ says that everybody else in the office just has to look at their watch when the boss asks them the time but he has to go outside down the block because he can't afford a watch. Throughout the whole scene, you can see a wristwatch on his right wrist. He even raises his arm where his sleeve moves to his elbow to show it. It looks like a pretty expensive watch too. (00:05:00)

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A Stormy Relationship - S4-E19

Continuity mistake: 1/3 through the program, Michael is given his father's tool belt by his mom and he puts the strap on his shoulder. The next shot and for a few after, the strap is gone. Then it comes back again.

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J.J.'s Condition - S5-E19

Visible crew/equipment: After JJ gives Michael his little black book, Penny spots Boom-Boom's numbers. When Willona walks over and sits on the back of the couch, her mic transmitter wires are hanging out the bottom of her sweater behind her. Then, when JJ doubles over in pain, the bulge of Willona's mic transmitter is visible at her lower back. (00:04:15)

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The Family Tree - S3-E15

Character mistake: James mentioned to Florida that he always knew his father was alive (after claiming to Florida he was dead in the past). But since James hasn't seen or heard from him in 35 years, there would really be no way for James to know that his father was still alive for sure - more like just a guess than certainty.

Penny: Is he here?
Michael: Is who here?
Penny: I don't know his name, but he's tall, skinny, and beautiful.
Michael: Hold on now. Tall, and skinny we've got, but beautiful?

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Trivia: The character of Michael Evans was named after co-creator Michael Evans. The real Michael Evans was the original Lionel on "The Jeffersons".

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The Gang: Part 1 - S2-E9

Question: According to the credits, the smallest of the three Satan Knights that come over to get JJ is nicknamed "Sweet Pea." However this name is never mentioned by anyone in this episode. The other two are mentioned (Mad Dog and Neck Bone). Why would the credits use a name not used?

Answer: Could have very well been that he did have a speaking part, but ended up on the cutting room floor, and they just didn't fix the credits.


Answer: He did have a speaking part many times throughout the episode, but gang name simply not used (just his real first name by Florida). James even referred to him in the start of the next episode by saying "Neck Bone and that other character."

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