The Loud House

No Laughing Matter/No Spoilers - S2-E21

New this month Question: Why did it confuse the siblings when they notice Luan not telling any jokes or pulling pranks? Earlier, they all complained about how annoying she is, Lincoln also wanting her to stop.

Potty Mouth/L Is for Love - S2-E15

Question: How did Dr. Shuttleworth not notice that Lisa was pretending to be Lily? For instance, Lily has a small tuft of hair, while Lisa is bald.

April Fools Rules/Cereal Offender - S1-E18

Question: Even though Luan turns into a sadistic prankster on April Fools' Day, does she still have no intention of seriously hurting her family?

Heavy Meddle/Making the Case - S1-E2

Question: How was Lincoln's own video considered more embarrassing than his sisters' video?

Heavy Meddle/Making the Case - S1-E2

Question: In Making the Case, how did none of the sisters notice that Lincoln was recording them?

Answer: Throughout the episode it shows him capturing footage from hiding places like the bushes, in a tree outside a bedroom window, and through a cracked bedroom door. My guess is if he didn't have a hiding place for some of the sisters, he was far enough away they couldn't see him and he used the zoom function on the camera he was using.

oddy knocky

Heavy Meddle/Making the Case - S1-E2

Question: In "Making the Case", why were Luan and Lily angry with Lincoln about the video? He didn't record any embarrassing footage of them.

Answer: Luan is mad at him because he broke the unspoken rule of posting a video without the person's consent. Lily is a baby and is probably impersonating the older sisters she looks up to. They are mad so she is mad.

oddy knocky

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