Character mistake: A space traveler would not be "going to Orion." The major stars in Orion vary in distance from the earth from 243 to 1,360 light years. Orion is only a constellation as visible from Earth; once you get away that far, the stars would not be in the same alignment as they are from Earth. They would have been going to a specific star, probably Bellatrix at 243 light years, as Taylor mentions being at 320 light years.


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Suggested correction: I'm not sure what scene you're referring to, but I never heard anyone say they went to Orion. Taylor says they're on a "planet in orbit around a star in the constellation of Orion. That could be Bellatrix." To Taylor, who is from Earth, the star is still in the constellation of Orion.


I agree with your take, but I still think it could be interpreted as Orion's stars all being in close proximity. And I would hope they would know about the 320 - 243 light year issue.


Question: The apes don't seem to have developed industrially; they are using horses and riding in carts. So are those rifles and bullets 2,000 years old?


Answer: SPOILER ALERT: They didn't develop along the same timeline as humans; they developed in a post-human world, with technology sitting around waiting for them to pick up. As Dr. Zaius reveals at the end, they knew of humankind and how human civilization collapsed, so they likely made a conscious decision NOT to develop industry, at least not on the scale we did, for fear of destroying the planet/each other all over again. They could pick and choose which human inventions they adapted, such as basic firearms like rifles, and continue manufacturing these on a small scale, while largely maintaining a pre-Industrial Age civilization.

So bullets and rifles, but not cars? I didn't notice any electric lights, either.


Have you never seen a Western? Guns were developed well before cars and electric lights.

Answer: According the Apes' history, the earth was destroyed in a nuclear war, which causes an Electro Magnetic Pulse. It causes everything electronic to shut down. The apes were smart, but they were not scientists or engineers to work out the complex inner workings of a vehicle.

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