Night of the Demons

Question: It was discovered that the only way for the demons to take possession of a living person is either through a kiss or a bite. How could Colin have been turned into a demon when he wasn't bitten or kissed?

Answer: It took Maddie several minutes to climb down to the basement after Colin fell through the floorboards. Those couple of minutes was all the time needed to infect him.

Again, he wasn't bitten or kissed, so he shouldn't have been infected.

Question: When daylight appears in the house, Maddie, Colin and Jason reach the front door but stop when Colin says something wasn't right. What did Colin see that made him realise something was wrong?

Answer: A sense that it was too easy to just open the door and leave. Evil is a sore loser and will always have a trick up their sleeve to win.

Suzanne: You're not gonna believe this, but Dex is here.
Maddie: What is this? The night of the ex's? Colin's here, too.
Suzanne: Where?
Maddie: Right there.
Suzanne: You know, I can sort of understand the whole bad boy thing, but what did you ever see in him?
Maddie: Oh, codependency, the whole Mother Teresa complex, believing I could change someone into something else, thinking that great love and great drama were the same thing, insecurity... Oh, and the guy can fuck.

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