Porky's (1982)

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Continuity mistake: Coach Brakett (Boyd Gaines) finally convinces the young gym teacher, Honeywell (Kim Cattrall), to go with him to the boys' locker room. Once they are up there he disrobes her and gets on top of her. When they cut to a close-up, you can tell that he has longer hair than just two seconds before. (00:58:40 - 00:59:40)

Continuity mistake: When Brian Schwartz drives away in his sports car, you can hear him shift 4 times. When they show a shot of his car go by, he is only going about 5 miles per hour. (00:48:40)

Continuity mistake: When they guys are fleeing the house in the woods, in the long shot Meat is in front of Mickey, but in the close up Mickey is in front of Meat. (00:21:25)

Continuity mistake: When Timmy cleans out his gym locker, he took only two items from the locker, stuffing them in the basket haphazardly. In the next shot when he is at the counter returning them to the phys ed coach, the basket is now full of at least six different items, all neatly folded. (00:52:45)

Continuity mistake: When Porky pulls the lever we see the guys fall into the river. Then from another shot we see them get out, and go round to argue with Porky, but they are now dry. Impossible considering the few seconds time difference. (00:38:05)


Factual error: This movie was set in 1954, but in numerous street scenes more modern "cobrahead" streetlight fixtures are seen. That type of streetlight was first introduced in 1957.

Other mistake: While Coach is with Miss Honeycutt (aka "Lassie") in the boy's locker room, her exaggerated "oohing" and moans permeate throughout the gym, but do not match their actual sex movements during the camera cuts and she still carries on even when the action is paused.


Factual error: During the fist fight in the school yard, you can see a 1970s car parked along the curb beyond the fence on the right side.

Revealing mistake: When Jarvis and Tommy are driving to school, and he asked if they got the black guy, the sun is overhead - but when they get to school, and they're walking and talking about it, the sun is to the left - like it's mid-morning around 930. You can see the shifts in the sun for about a span of about 4 minutes during that time. (00:04:50)


Factual error: The movie's set in 1954 yet in a scene in the principal's office with Coach Balbricker there's a pair of USA flags that have stars representing all 50 states.


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Suggested correction: If you're talking about the 2 small flags next to the portrait, those are 48-star flags. You can tell because the rows are even, not offset. There's 6 rows with 8 stars in each row.


Wendy: Has anybody seen Mike Hunt?
Meat: Practically everybody in town from what I hear.

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Question: Do the holes in the shower-room wall serve any practical purpose, other than as a plot device? I've never seen a real shower with them.

Answer: They are not supposed to be there - they were drilled by someone so they could look into the girls' shower.


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