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Question: How did Tim's dad know about the incident with the black guy and about the fight with Schwartz?

Answer: He likely heard about it around town. Anti-semitism was fairly common at the time so word of someone being beaten in a fight by a Jew would travel fast.

So then, how did he also know about the incident with the black man? It happened clear out of town and the only ones who knew about it were Tommy and Billy since they set the whole thing up and the others didn't know about it until after they run out of the hut.

The rest had been back for a while before his dad showed up. Back then this was a small town and again word gets around real fast.

Question: What was the name of the piano player that played at Porky's club? I have heard audio tapes of him play, but can not recall his name.

Answer: Carl Zittrer. However, you won't find his name in the cast credits as he was uncredited for the role.

Question: Do the holes in the shower-room wall serve any practical purpose, other than as a plot device? I've never seen a real shower with them.

Answer: They are not supposed to be there - they were drilled by someone so they could look into the girls' shower.


Question: So when the guys first walk into Porky's - and they're confronted by Porky (at the request of Mickey who wanted to see him), Porky makes the comment that they're "Five Angel Beach pussies" - how did he know they're from Angel Beach? I am assuming that the guy at the door who checked the ID's was looking at the ages, but why and how did he relay it to Porky that that's where they're from?


Answer: They also dressed differently, more proper than the regulars at Porky's.


Answer: Porky's place is supposed to be in the middle of nowhere, the closes town is Angel Beach.

Doesn't make it that they had to be from there - I've driven several miles for things and passed through several towns to get to it, doesn't make it so that I'm from the neighbouring town.


Answer: Okay but my question was/is - the guy at the door never conveyed it to Porky that they had Angel Beach people there - given that Porky's pen was upstairs when summoned. Seems to me movies actually show would show that part to keep the fluidity of the movie going to have it makes sense.


Answer: The guy at the door would need to check their IDs to confirm that they were 21 or over, which they weren't because Porky could get into big trouble with the law if it was ever found out that some underage students got into his bar. That, and when making the fake ID's, they would need the name of the town of where they're from to make them look genuine which is how Porky knew where they're from.

Continuity mistake: Coach Brakett (Boyd Gaines) finally convinces the young gym teacher, Honeywell (Kim Cattrall), to go with him to the boys' locker room. Once they are up there he disrobes her and gets on top of her. When they cut to a close-up, you can tell that he has longer hair than just two seconds before. (00:58:40 - 00:59:40)

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Wendy: Has anybody seen Mike Hunt?
Meat: Practically everybody in town from what I hear.

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