Game of Thrones

A Golden Crown - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When Bran is taken from his horse in the woods, there are 3 wildlings that attack. The first Rob cuts his throat, the second, Rob is holding the female wildling by the hair, he then spears and kills the third with his sword and the very next frame the 3rd wildling is then holding a knife to Bran's throat, unharmed. (00:11:15)

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The Last Of The Starks - S8-E4

Other mistake: During the scene in the banquet hall, as Tormund says "most people get bloody murdered, they stay that way", look at Daenerys in the background - a disposable coffee cup is on the table in front of her. This brown cup with a white plastic lid is nothing remotely like the style of cups they're all drinking from in the scene. HBO acknowledged the slip up and digitally edited it out on streaming services, reruns and future DVD releases.

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The Last Of The Starks - S8-E4

Character mistake: Gendry gets declared as Lord Gendry Baratheon of Storm's End by Daenerys. But he refers to himself as Gendry Rivers - the surname given to bastards from the Riverlands. Gendry comes from King's Landing, and bastards from there are called Waters, not Rivers. Given that Gendry is not an acknowledged highborn bastard, he should never have had a surname in the first place.

The Last Of The Starks - S8-E4

Other mistake: The dragon is shot down by three giant arrows, and everyone looks shocked, with no idea where the attack came from, even Daenerys, who's flying high alongside it. Then the enemy fleet rounds a small outcrop, revealing themselves as the attackers, but given her height she would have seen them a mile off and steered well clear.

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The Iron Throne - S8-E6

Continuity mistake: When the episode starts Arya is walking towards where Daenerys is and has her face covered in mud and soot, plus a long streak of dark dry blood running through the right side of her face. The next time we see her her face is cleaner and the blood is less noticeable. In further shots the amount of blood increases or decreases randomly. There doesn't seem to be much water and soap around the place.

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Suggested correction: That is correct, however there is actually a reason for this, it was just never adapted from the books. Stains burned the woods during battle of the black water as an offering to the lord of light.

That doesn't remove the hills though.


No One - S6-E8

Other mistake: The faith militant attacks Gregor Clegane. Gregor chokes him. You will see that before the faith militant drops his weapon with his left hand, both of his hands are already holding Gregor's massive arm. (00:13:05)

Winterfell - S8-E1

Visible crew/equipment: After Sansa tells young Ned Umber to hurry back to Last Hearth and bring his people to Winterfell, when Jon tells Maester Wolkan to send ravens to the Night's Watch, in the next shot of Wolkan the chalk T-mark can be seen on the stone floor in front of his feet (it's not the stone's edges or cracks). (00:11:20)

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The Ghost of Harrenhal - S2-E5

Character mistake: When Renly and Catelyn are negotiating the terms of Renly's alliance with Robb, Renly calls Moat Cailin "Moat Caitlin." As someone who served as Master of Laws on King Robert's Small Council, he should know the correct name of the territory he is referring to.

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The Gift - S5-E7

Deliberate mistake: After Ramsey shows Sansa her flayed northern friend, when it cuts to Davos riding the horse through the encampment one of the shots is flipped. Note his sword and his cloak's crossed straps have switched to opposite sides.

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The Iron Throne - S8-E6

Continuity mistake: During the meeting at the Dragonpit, Sansa is wearing her long silver chain and circle neckwear, with the long chain changing the way it is placed through the circle. First the chain is put through the circle in a way that's over and under, but in some shots the chain is put through the circle the opposite way, under and over. (00:53:10)

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The Iron Throne - S8-E6

Visible crew/equipment: When Bran joins Tyrion and the others at the small council meeting, Bran begins by saying that they appear to be missing a Master of Whisperers, then just as he says, "And a Master of Laws," the boom mic can be seen dipping into view over Bran, at the top of the screen (visible on Hulu). (01:11:00)

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The Pointy End - S1-E8

Continuity mistake: When Ser Barriston throws his armor and sword on the floor after being demoted, the sword stops by his armor. However when Sansa kneels down, the sword is now a good distance from the armor. (00:52:40)

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Season 1 generally

Question: After watching the show and reading the first book, I can't figure out why people hate Jaime for killing King Aerys. Aerys is referred to as the "Mad King" and more than one person talks about his sick deeds. Even Ned doesn't seem to approve of Jaime's actions, yet Aerys killed his father and brother. Even if Jaime did have a duty to guard the king, didn't he actually do everyone a favor by killing Aerys?

Answer: Basically it's because he broke his vow. A member of the Kingsguard is sworn to protect the king at all costs. Jaime elaborates more on the deed to both Catelyn Stark and Brienne of Tarth, telling Catelyn that no matter what course of action he took, he would be breaking one vow or another (i.e. if he obeyed the king, he would conversely be disobeying his own father), and telling Brienne that the Mad King was planning on burning all of King's Landing, but he did not bother to tell Ned Stark that. Ned Stark felt that killing Aerys was dishonorable and excessive. Robert Baratheon still could have usurped the throne without Aerys being killed.

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