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The Iron Throne - S8-E6

Corrected entry: Arya was last seen riding a horse out of King's Landing at the end of the previous episode. But at the beginning of this one she is suddenly back in the city again, wandering around on foot.

Correction: This episode doesn't continue in the very same spot that the previous ended, so there was enough time for Arya to step off the horse and walk around the ruins.


The Climb - S3-E6

Corrected entry: When Jamie Lannister, Brienne of Tarth and Lord Bolton are at the dining table discussing the fate of Jamie and Brienne, Lord Bolton suggests King Robert is keeping Jamie's father busy. However, at the time of this event King Robert is long dead, and Joffrey is the new king. (00:32:30)

Correction: Actually, Roose Bolton says, "King Robb is keeping your father quite busy," meaning Robb Stark the King of the North, not King Robert Baratheon, who has already died.

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Battle of the Bastards - S6-E9

Corrected entry: SPOILER: Rickon Stark gets set loose by Ramsay Bolton and told to run to his brother. He knows that arrows are being fired at him, but he still runs in a dead straight line, so of course he gets struck down. If he'd just zig-zagged a bit he'd have been near-impossible to hit.

Correction: Rickon is a young child and scared. It would be perfectly normal for him not to realise that zig-zagging would help him be more elusive. Also, zig-zagging is no guarantee that he still would not be hit by a random arrow.


Next to that it would slow him down and he might trip and fall.


Show generally

Corrected entry: In a show about zombies, dragons and magic, Littlefinger's survival is the least believable thing. He fell into the hands of the likes of Catelyn, Renly and even Cersei, but they always spared him because of paltry reasons. By season 6 he's practically daring anyone to kill him, but they never do. Sansa, Brienne and Jon Snow were all itching to kill him, but they always stopped for no reason. This is a poor and artificial way of prolonging drama.

Correction: That's just your opinion, not a stupidity in the show.


Correction: Littlefinger is extremely wealthy and resourceful and has spent the entirety of the show (and even before the start of it) orchestrating events behind the scenes that make him more and more powerful, including the murders of Jon Arryn and Joffrey. Characters aren't in a position to straight up kill him because he controls the Vale army and has influence over Robyn Arryn. It isn't until his betrayal of Ned and Catelyn is finally revealed that the Vale army and the Lords of the Eyrie no longer have his back, which gives Sansa and Arya a reason to execute him without fear of reprisal.


Littlefinger only told Sansa about the Knights of the Vale after she had faltered again in her promise to kill him. That's just terrible negotiation. He's not allowed to die until the writers say so.

He told her his army would aid her. That doesn't mean only she knows he has the army. It's undoubtedly known by the Lords and Ladies across Westeros that Littlefinger married Lysa Arryn and became the de facto Lord Regent and Protector of the Vale after Lysa's death. And saying he's not allowed to die until the writers say so isn't even a valid argument. Every fictional character that dies does so when the writers say so.


Correction: Just because the powers that be don't like or trust Littlefinger doesn't mean they don't think he is useful for their own goals. They try and include him in their own schemes, but he played the game of thrones better than they did.

Battle of the Bastards - S6-E9

Corrected entry: At the meeting before the Battle of the Bastards, Sansa rides away before Ramsey mentions he hasn't fed his dogs in 7 days. The next day when he's tied up in the kennel he said my dogs will never hurt me. Sansa says "you haven't fed them in a week". She wasn't there when he said it, no way she'd know that.

Correction: Jon, Davos, Tormund or anyone else that rode out with Jon to discuss terms with Ramsay could have told Sansa about it or mentioned it around camp which Sansa could have then heard. Ramsay was threatening to feed Jon's men to his dogs, something that would likely be discussed by the men in Jon's army, if for no other reason than it is something they would try to avoid experiencing.


Correction: When watching the actual episode, in the close-up, we see Robb (not Jon) place his hand at the front of Bran's shoulder, and then we also see that Bran turns his body so that Robb's hand already moves before this close-up ends. It then dissolves into the wide shot, and at the very start of this wide shot, Robb's hand is in the same shoulder area, and then Robb stretches his arm across to the center of Bran's back as they begin to walk. The two provided screenshots (and caption "hand changes position") are not an accurate representation of the episode's onscreen continuity.

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The Pointy End - S1-E8

Corrected entry: After Khal Drogo is wounded by Mago in the shoulder/chest, Drogo tears out his esophagus, turns around and his large cut is gone. The cut appears again as he sits down.

Correction: The cut is there. Due to the distance of the shot and the size of the wound it is not visible but carefully looking shows the wound.


Oathbreaker - S6-E3

Corrected entry: When the Young Stark and his friends arrive at the Tower of Joy, Arthur Dayne stabs the ground with his famous sword Dawn. A minute later, he draws the same sword from its sheath. (00:12:50 - 00:13:45)

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Correction: Dayne has Two Swords. Sword of the Morning is in his scabbard. Another sword is the one he plants in the ground. When the battle starts, he pulls Sword of the Morning from his scabbard, and pulls the standard sword from the ground and dual wields them with both hands.


The Wars to Come - S5-E1

Corrected entry: Rhaegal (Green/Bronze Dragon) has changed places with his brother Viserion (Creamy White Dragon) since being chained in S04E10. This error continues in S05E05 but is later corrected in S06E02, when Tyrion Lannister frees both dragons from the dungeon.

Correction: The dragons are connected to long chains and they could easily switch places. We do not see where they are connected to.


The Red Woman - S6-E1

Corrected entry: In season 4 Melisandre appears without her necklace, naked in the bath, and looks young. In this episode it's shown that removing her necklace reveals her true age/looks.

Correction: She takes her true form after the necklace is removed. It is never mentioned that the necklace is what held the illusion in place. She may have been holding the illusion using her magic, and chose that moment for it to end.

The Laws of Gods and Men - S4-E6

Corrected entry: After Davos has introduced Stannis with all his proper titles at the Iron Bank of Braavos, the clerk wrongly uses the title "Protector of the Realm" for Tommen. However Tommen doesn't bear this title because he is not old enough yet. Protector of the Realm at that time is Tywin Lannister.


Correction: It's an understandable character mistake. Braavos residents don't use titles like Westeros, and the clerk is simply repeating all the titles that Davos recited, and probably just believes whoever sits on The Iron Throne is the recipient of all the titles.


Valar Dohaeris - S3-E1

Corrected entry: When Daenerys Targaryen is aboard ship, admiring her dragons catching a meal, she is wearing a necklace made of two claws connected by a chain between them. However, she is then shown in the same blue dress with a single claw hung from a small chain off a necklace chain.

Correction: She's got more than one necklace. They're dragon claws, most likely one of the wedding gifts, or carried over from the Seven Kingdoms when she and Viserys went into exile.


Baelor - S1-E9

Corrected entry: Near the end of the episode there is a shot of Daenerys walking out of the tent where the witch is performing her sorcery with the stallion. As the camera pans around her, you can see, first in her back and then in her armpit, that she is wearing a modern, brown bra under her dress. Minutes later you can see the bra strap on her right shoulder while Ser Jorah Mormont is carrying her in his arms back to the tent. (00:32:55 - 00:34:47)

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Correction: A couple of things: there's nothing saying she wouldn't wear undergarments from time to time. The series is not set in Earth's past or history, it's a fictional world that experiences multiple year seasons. For that reason, there's no reason she couldn't have what appears to be a modern bra, and we don't know what kind of materials they used for making clothes. They use magic, wildfire, as well as linen-looking clothes, leather armor, cotton clothes, etc, why not undergarments? Even if it was based on Earth history, bras have been around since ancient Greece.


Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When Jon talks to Sam about almost having sex with Ros, he says that their child, in case of a pregnancy, would have been a bastard named Snow as well. This is impossible, because the bastard surnames (like Snow in the North) are only for acknowledged children of noblemen. Jon's children wouldn't have the right to carry a surname, as he's not a nobleman.


Correction: Actually, it is just for noblemen. Bastards of smallfolk (the peasantry) in Westeros do not receive a bastard surname, only those of noble birth do. But Jon is not smallfolk. Despite being a bastard, he is indeed of noble birth and children of noble bastards are allowed to take the surname for themselves and most do.


Correction: Any child born out of wedlock is a bastard. It's not just a name for noblemen, even peasants have to get married to legitimize their children. Snow is also not a surname, so if Jon and Ros would get married and have a child that child will not be called Snow like his/her father.


Bastard surnames are indeed only for high-born because smallfolk in Westeros do not have or use surnames. Children of unmarried smallfolk may be bastards, but they do not get a bastard surname. Trueborn children of high-born bastards may take the bastard surname or change it if they like.


Correction: Enough time has passed between scenes for Varys to return to Essos. We just don't see his return journey because it would waste screen time.


The Dragon and the Wolf - S7-E7

Corrected entry: The captured wight is placed in a wooden crate for the journey to King's Landing. On the way, the Hound taps the crate and the wight goes crazy, shrieking and moving around. However later, the Hound is able to carry the crate on horse back, unload it, carry it into the Dragonpit, put it down, take off all the bars/locks and then kick the crate over, with the wight having zero reaction to all of this, despite its previous reaction to much less disturbance.

Correction: The wights don't have to react to every disturbance.


Beyond the Wall - S7-E6

Corrected entry: Jon sends a raven to Daenerys in Dragonstone, and Gendry runs back to Eastwatch, reporting their dire position. Both of them get there surprisingly quickly, and then Daenerys manages to fly to them in basically no time at all, despite them being at least 1,500 miles apart, according to previous distance implications.

Correction: This is explained numerous times by un-synced timelines. This is not an error.

While there are numerous examples of un-synced timelines in this show, this is not one of them. Jon and crew are stranded on the island of ice for a couple days at most, and it would take at least that long for a raven to fly from Eastwatch to Dragonstone, and at least another day for Dany to fly from Dragonstone to Eastwatch. This doesn't even include the time it would take for Gendry to run back to Eastwatch and get the message out in the first place. Even by conservative estimates, Dany's arrival happens too quickly. This is just one of many times in the last couple of seasons where the writers threw logic out of the window in favor of rushing through the story.


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Mhysa - S3-E10

Joffrey: I am the king! I will punish you.
Tywin: Any man who must say "I am the king" is no true king.


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A Golden Crown - S1-E6

Trivia: The horse heart that Daenerys eats was actually made of gelatin, and genuinely tasted dreadful - her physical revulsion at eating it is real. It had dyed pasta to simulate veins, and was injected with fake sugary blood, which attracted flies. The blood was so sticky and ended up covering Emilia Clarke to such an extent that after filming it glued her to the toilet seat.

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Kissed by Fire - S3-E5

Question: Although Tywin is Cersei's father, she is Queen Regent. Isn't she still in a higher place of power than him, and able to refuse to marry Loras?

Answer: As Hand of the King, Tywin is the second most authoritative person in Westeros behind only the king. The Hand's duties include sitting on The Iron Throne and dispensing order, justice and judgment, similar to what Ned Stark did in the Season 1 episode "A Golden Crown" while then-king Robert Baratheon was out hunting. It's also worth pointing out that Tywin's enormous wealth makes him the de facto most powerful person in Westeros, which he demonstrates in the Season 3 episode "Mhysa" when he sends King Joffrey to bed without his supper and remarks to Tyrion "You're a fool if you believe he's the most powerful man in Westeros. Do you really think the crown gives you power?"


Answer: The position of Queen Regent is largely a cipher as the Hand of the King is the actual regent for the king, handling day to day affairs and heading the small council. Tywin is still the leader of House Lannister and commands the army. Cersei's power derives from him, mostly. This is why she cannot truly counter Tyrion when he is acting Hand of the King or Master of Coin, both given by their father. She only starts acting like a queen when Tywin is dead.

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