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In what film does a henchman get paid by the boss whilst standing in a glass tank which floods with coins, killing him?

Can't remember a movie, probably from the 80s, about a family having a funeral on a hillside, sort of like Next of Kin, mountain people go after justice for their loved one?

I am looking for the name of what I believe to be a TV show that was done in the last 10 years. It is a cop or FBI, CIA kind of show, all I can really recall about it is one episode, which I believe was the first episode. It is a blond girl's first day or first day back to work, I believe first day though, and she gets put on a case where a guy is killing girls on trains. She fits his tastes, so her boss gets her to go riding around on trains trying to get the guy to attack her, it is a big thing - many people are on the case watching her. (There is a dispute to whether or not she should do this because she doesn't have the experience.) Anyway there is a big screw up (they think they got their guy, but he's dead, maybe) and she gets yelled at by one of her bosses and I think she gets fired. On the train ride home she gets attacked by the real killer, and takes him out, I think? I also think it turns out that the boss realised that they got the wrong guy and sent her home so that it would appear that she was alone and desperate because the bad guy knew about the investigation, he was an inside man, or she didn't seem alone and desperate enough to draw out the real killer. That is all I can remember, and to be honest I kind of thought it was Criminal Minds but I watched them all, and it's not. So if anyone knows what the name of the show is, it would be greatly appreciated.

There is a movie that I watched nearly 6-7 years ago. It was about a young ladies' man who seemingly had a girlfriend. It took place in a country club and there was this one woman of a heavier set that wanted the man badly. The man I remember specifically had sex with his girlfriend in his car but she did something to him before they could finish and it hurt him. The clothes and everything seemed based in the 1900-1920's. The man met a very beautiful, seemingly rich woman that he wanted badly, but she would not sleep with him. Here's the catch, all I remember were flies in a room in her house. There were flies everywhere. Towards the end of the movie he was in a hurry, and he ran into the heavy set woman, kissed her passionately, touched her everywhere then ran away. That's all I remember. Can you please help me?

Tia Knowles

Need help remembering a movie. It's about a young boy whose mom takes in an old man but the boy thinks there's something strange about him. The man tends to sleep a lot in the morning and when the boy gives the guy a pair of binoculars, he looks out the window but gets temporarily blinded when bright light gets into his eyes. Eventually he comes to believe that the old man is a vampire and tries to prove it to his mom. I saw this movie in probably mid to late 80's.

I'm looking for a year 2000+ movie about childhood friends, a boy and a girl, that were separated because the girl's family had to move somewhere. Then many years passed, the girl forgot about the promise they made to be together. The boy finally finds the girl but she already had a serious boyfriend. The boy was desperately searching for the girl only to be broken hearted when they met.


When I was younger I watched a lot of Cartoon Craze DVDs. My mom always bought them from the dollar bin at Walmart. There was one movie and I can't remember what it was called. I've been trying to find out what it is for the longest time. Could you help me out? There was a boy and a girl. I think the girl was a peasant or something. There was a bird that would say something like "If you ever need my help just call my name!" Somewhere in it there was this giant robot that enforced some law in these caves. Also at some point in it the boy and girl were running from some people through some stairs and they called for the bird. That is all I can remember. Please help!


I think the film was French. It starts with a bank robbery. The visitors of the bank have to put brown paper bags over their heads. When the money doesn't come fast enough, the robbers shoot one of them. His blood splashes on the glass. I think the robbers then hide in some apartment. There is a girl. And I think they took some journalist as a hostage, who later decides voluntarily to stay with them, probably to be able to write an article about the whole story. In the end, there is a car chase and two trucks block the street from both sides. Then the side of the truck falls away and police with machine guns on stands brutally execute the robbers (and the journalist) in their car. It is not Mesrine (1984), even though it ends with a somewhat similar scene.

I saw a film maybe in the 80s or 90s, it started with a woman stripping down to underwear in a guy's office, then she pulled a gun out and shot him, that's all I can remember, can anyone tell me what it was called please?


There was a movie about a bed that seemed to be possessed by evil. In one scene in the movie a woman is lying in the bed when suddenly, what looks like a huge black claw comes out of the bed and through her stomach killing her. What is it?

My daughter wants to rewatch a movie or TV show that had these elements (or something similar, she is only 5 and might be a bit off on the details). A yellow Bunny that rolls fast, a blue stretchy guy who helps a flying whale land. A unicorn or Pegasus hero and maybe a dinosaur hero.


I want to know the name of a movie I saw many years ago. It was a boy who studies business at a university and tries to find his role model, which at the end of the movie turns out to be one of his teachers (he met with the teacher in a vineyard in the end).


I'm looking for a movie I watched when I was kid. Only remember some flashes. There was a girl in black and a slim guy as both of them are in the jail. There was a cellar door, and an inspector and some journalists always taking pics for those two characters.

Does anyone know the movie where the family has a themed dinner where they have to wear sombreros if they eat Mexican food? It is a family movie with 2 teens that are not happy with the themed dinner.

Does anyone know a movie with main characters John, Jason and Kristen that involves John shooting himself with a shotgun when going after Kristen, and Jason stabbing her with a screwdriver?

I am trying to find the name of a short film relating to Christmas. There is a grandmother who is trying to get her grandchildren to sleep on Christmas eve. None of them are tired so she begins to tell them stories. But all of the stories are odd or demented. Kind of a dark Christmas movie. Best I can recall, this is animated.


A friend is looking for the name of a film that had an older guy that looked like Danny Aiello, but wasn't, who wanted to be a singer and his wife criticized him for it. Eventually, he did some work for his neighbor who really enjoyed his singing and encouraged him. He left his wife and moved in with his neighbor. My friend thinks it came out in the 1990's. Any help is appreciated.

Does anyone remember a movie, likely from the '70s, that involved a Latino bad guy driving around, perhaps in a convertible, perhaps in a South American city, and killing people by throwing bolas (rope with weighted balls on the ends) at them? It was a spy kinda movie. This one used to be played on late night TV a lot in the 1980s.

I'm looking for the name of a movie made between 2000-2010 where a woman and some thugs (which include a brother, sister, her boyfriend and I think 1 or 2 others) are trapped or locked in an abandoned building (possibly an asylum), but something happens and they catch something or there is a toxin and start dying off. Please help. I don't believe it was a US made film. Thanks.

Does anyone know the name of a movie about an African American family that buys a mansion and turns it into a bed and breakfast at the end of the movie? Criminals stop at the mansion to collect money they know to be hidden there. The son burns it while his family is held captive. I think it came out in the late nineties.

Melissa Curtis

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