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Question: I remember seeing this trailer. It's not that old... Maybe 2 years ago. It's about this middle/older aged dad who has no date for his son's wedding and he just happens to meet this beautiful stranger on a bridge and randomly asks her to be his date. In the trailer you see that she agrees and she gets a dress and her hair done etc. and looks fab... And off they go! Anybody?

Question: I am trying to identify a film that I saw on TV in the 1970s, or early 80s which ended with a woman dying in a hospital bed the same time as her husband was being killed in a war (shot in Spanish civil war?) Their ghosts walk out of the hospital window together (towards a mountain?). I think the film may have been set in the early 30s/40s/50s but I am not sure. Any help would solve a 30 year running joke with my parents and would be gratefully received. Thank you.

Question: Movie about a psychiatrist that works for the police and has a patient that is crazy. His wife sleeps with one of his patients in a hotel? The patient becomes obsessed and the psychiatrist ends up killing his patient at their vacation home at the end of the movie. It's not Asylum, thanks for the help.


Question: I doubt anyone will know, but here goes; I watched a movie years ago and all I can remember is that it was about two female friends, one of the friends is sort of jealous and even possibly in love with the other one, who works in some kind of performing arts (stage actress?). They briefly live together, but then have a falling out. All I can remember is the ending; one of the women is in a car with her male partner and drives by the other woman who is walking alone through town, then the screen goes black. I think it might have been foreign (French?) and probably mid to late 90's. That's all I can remember, please help! I think it's set in the 1940s.

Question: This is from an early to mid-1970's movie. A woman in a sheer dress is walking along a beach with a green-colored man with green curly hair on a leash. She stops, removes her necklace that has a large diamond on it and gives it to the green man, who then walks out to a rock outcropping and looks at the sun through the diamond. Anybody have an idea as to what was the name of this film?


Question: Thought the actor was Anthony Hopkins but cannot locate the movie. Wife thinks she's dying of cancer. They agree to jump off a cliff. He gets a message from the doctor saying it was all a mistake and she's not dying, but he doesn't tell her. She jumps off the cliff and he inherits lots of money. Last scene he is in big city exhibiting his art.

Rosy Gott

Question: I'm looking for a film about an unhappy wife who falls in love with her young son's female teacher. I think it's set in the 1940's/50's, British, possibly made for TV as that's the only place I've seen it but could have been general release. Thanks.

Question: There is a movie about a girl who is raised by the murderer who killed her parents in a car accident. Then she married him, I am not sure about the marriage part. I am trying to find this movie, can anybody please help me?


Question: A movie with a gang of black kids - one of them shot some people, it might have been by accident. The kid was still in school and he liked his teacher - his teacher thought he was a great student but he couldn't go on the class field trip with them because of what he did. I can't remember the movie. It's a pretty old movie, maybe around 1990's.

Question: I just cannot remember the name of this film. I believe it begins with a boy coming out of school, observed by a shadowy figure in a fedora hat. The boy attends the funeral of his father and again the shadowy figure is watching. He lives with his pregnant mother and stepfather (works on the trains). The shadowy figure turns up at their house and it is his father, who's not dead. At some point the boy and mother go to his teacher's house where she lends him a camera of her deceased husband. Boy goes off with father (and possibly newborn sibling) and father is chased by police (I think). They stay in a deserted warehouse (possibly down in London). Eventually he returns home to mother, and I think the film ends with the boy going to the cinema to see a film. I think it was set in the 1940s, and definitely in Britain. Please help!

Question: I am looking for a movie of which I remember very little. In the climax, an old man poisons his victim but before dying, the victim manages to take a photo of himself. The murderer then stuffs the body in a wardrobe. He is caught when his photos are developed.

Question: I am looking for a real tear jerker my siblings watched together. It was made before the 1970's. It may be a British film because they can't name any of the actors. The story is about a poor man who lives with his small and beloved dog. The man has taught the dog many tricks and that is how they make a living in the street or park. A little rich girl sees the dog doing tricks and asks her father to hire them for her birthday party which is a big hit. The little girl wants the dog and her father offers to buy the dog. The poor man refuses the offer to sell his beloved pet. Time goes by and the man gets sick. He recalls the rich man's offer and sells the dog. The dog is depressed at losing his beloved master and will not do any tricks or engage the little girl. The movie pans back and forth between the dying old man and the listless dog who die about the same moment. The man appears on the final scene on the stairway to heaven and the dog appears moments later. They walk up the stairs together. I would love to give this movie to them for Christmas.


Question: There is a movie from the 90s, maybe. About a college science teacher who plays Dr. Frankenstein. A student dies and he brings him back. At first the student looks like himself and is still normal but as he dies and is brought back he becomes more grotesque and more like a monster. The doctor is married and has a girlfriend on the side. When the wife finds out she too has an affair with the girlfriend.


Question: What is the movie where the guy steals something from a woman and her mother then gives it to his sister as a wedding gift and it possesses her? (If it helps, the woman's mother did not speak English).

Question: Saw what I think might be a TV movie several years ago. The plot is about an old woman who is suffering from an illness that is causing her intense physical pain. She keeps pleading to die because of it, and when her daughter hears that she wants to die, she takes both her parents to court claiming that because of the illness, her mother can't make any rational decisions. The judge rules in favor of the daughter. The old woman's husband, upset over the ruling, kills his wife while she's lying in bed one night and when he's caught, he's charged with murder.

Question: I'm thinking of a live-action kids' movie from the late 1990s in which a dog is the lead character. At one point in the film, the dog takes a White House tour and views portraits of presidents with their pet dogs. One of the portraits is of Bill Clinton with his dog on a leash. There is not and never has been an official White House portrait of Bill Clinton with his dog on a leash, so the portrait in the film was painted as a movie prop. What movie is this?

Charles Austin Miller

Question: I only remember parts of this movie - what I remember is teens who broke down stumbled across a house in the middle of nowhere. The teens went inside the two storey house, one who was a African American boy sat down in something like a lounge chair, put on his earphones and went to sleep. Another teen went to the kitchen, and the other teen girl went upstairs to take a shower. When the killer arrived home out of the woods he killed them - he went upstairs, killed the girl in the shower, then I can remember the killer sitting on the side of the bed. He opened a drawer and pulled out a finger which still had a ring on it. I can remember one of the teens running outside and hiding under the house, a cop showed up and I think the killer killed him but the girl got away. There was also a bar scene dealing with the killer.


Question: I'm looking for the name of a movie; two kids broke their mother's favorite statue given to her by a guru or wizard. They ran away from their nanny on their skateboards to try find the old shop that sells such things, while their nanny goes out in her car looking for them before the parents come home.


Question: Looking for the title of a book that contains a collection of short vampire stories. One story has a boy talking with another boy who claims to be a vampire and tells him the rules of vampirism. The boy says that he would like to be a vampire too but the end of the story has him changing his mind but the vampire claims that it's too late. Another story has a teenage boy waking up in a coffin and at first refusing to accept that he's dead. He eventually realizes that he's a vampire and after leaving the funeral home after attacking his uncle, he meets the girl who turned him into a vampire.

Question: Looking for a movie from the 60's about a blonde married woman with a son that has an affair with a service man. Anne Francis plays her friend. They play the game Jenga and there is something about the swallows of Capistrano. She thinks she kills him, they dump his body but he is still alive.




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