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Looking for a movie from the 60's about a blonde married woman with a son that has an affair with a service man. Anne Francis plays her friend. They play the game Jenga and there is something about the swallows of Capistrano. She thinks she kills him, they dump his body but he is still alive.


A man comes to a couple claiming to be their son. The "son" also tries seducing the mother, I think.


Below is a brief description of a scene in an American action movie. Can someone please help out to figure the title of the movie. A guy approached a lady in a room sitting on a bed, she hits him in his testicles and beat him up. Another guy came and opened the door to the room - she shoots him in the head and the blood stained the door. After which soldiers came and surrounded the building.


I saw the last part of a thriller / suspense TV show / movie while flipping channels on (South African) TV one night in the 1990's. The name was something like Chase! / Catch! / Chance! / Catch, based on a novel with perhaps that title. The plot was that a woman was kept in a room in a seaside mansion in a small town by her doctor-husband. He told all people that she was ill and that he was treating her; meanwhile she believed that he was making her ill and that she would be killed (as she believed and told a private detective) like his previous wife. Whenever she heard him walking on the steps she became agitated, or when she heard him playing the piano. (Not "Julia"). The film was set in I think the 80's. The doctor was always wearing impeccable dark suits, and was the classic "tall, dark, slim and handsome" guy. She was the classic "fair skinned, dark haired, slim, beautiful lady, wearing long flowing gowns. One night she escaped through the back door and in his chase after her, the doctor was killed. Cannot remember how, or any actor's name. However, when she in the end was driving on a desert-like road, totally relaxed, and stopped by a Mexican community to ask the road, a guy in white Mexican clothes approached her, and appeared as the smiling, captivating doctor-husband...! I need the title of the movie, the book, the author and actors' names, anything please.


Name of movie from the 1960s. Where wife tricks her husband into believing he sees his dead daughter.

Does anybody know the title of this movie? If I am not mistaken, made in the 90's, the plot takes place in the 19 or early 20 century in London (possibly Paris). A country boy goes to the big city (for a sport competition?). A fellow takes him to a club, he meets then sleeps with a girl. While she thinks he is asleep, steals his money, hides it in a pot under a flower. He notices, and when she is asleep he takes all money from there, much more than was his. I think this is an adaptation from a famous writer's novel or short story.

Trying to recall a movie. Scene is a guy who gets virtually covered by waxed off hair - he's maybe dumpster diving behind a salon?

Saw this movie maybe sometime in the 90's. Some friends are going hiking through a forest and soon discover that they are being hunted by a supernatural creature. They eventually discover what the creature is and that the only way to destroy it, is to destroy the cave it comes from. While setting up explosives, one of the friends tries to get his other friend to leave with him, but the friend shows that he is turning into the monster so he stays behind so he can die when the bomb goes off.

There was a movie where a brother and sister were hiking in the woods and ended up getting lost. While trying to find their way home, the girl is bitten by a venomous snake. After an hour of walking, the girl is too weak from the snake bite to continue so her brother has to go alone, but promises to come back with help as soon as he finds it. While the girl is left alone, the spirit of a Native American appears and shows her a flower which he says she must eat the whole thing, but not to do any damage to it or she'll never recover.

I have a question about a movie that I've seen and forgot the name of it. It's about a girl who becomes friends with the neighbors' daughter but then wants to be her, so she kills her parents by setting their bedroom on fire. Turns out she's adopted and is actually their daughter but she's crazy. The mom ends up killing her. Not sure if it's a lifetime movie or made for TV movie. It was a thriller and I know she kills her parents by using gasoline and a cigarette just to move into the neighbors' to try and become the lady's daughter.

Cassie Moonan

A few years ago I watched a made for TV movie about a college aged boy who finds his birth mother's family and terrorizes them. The daughter of the family had long dark hair, the family did not know the mother had a son.

Made for TV movie I believe, the main character is a college age boy who happens upon a family (Father, mother, teen daughter) but the mother is actually his who gave him up for adoption years earlier. The boy goes crazy and kills the dad in the end the sister has him caught. Seems like it would be early 2000's.

There was a movie about a woman who was caught cheating on her fiancé. In one scene in the movie, she is waiting for an elevator. While waiting for it, she notices a guy walking past her and when the elevator doors open, she doesn't realize that the elevator is not on her floor and when she walks forward, she falls to the ground floor. The woman suffers from a head injury and after this, she begins seducing men and sexually assaults a woman, but is eventually caught by two coworkers and her fiancé with a new boss.

Name of film in which a wife is cheating on her husband, who pretends to be deaf. Her lover has doubts about his deafness and fires a gun next to his ear, and the husband does not flinch.

Looking for a movie about mythical Gods being real in today's society, one of them, a man, saves one of the kids. I don't remember much but it might of been on HBO around the late 90's, and there was something about Golden apples.


Looking for a movie about a group of scientists who let a griffin lose who chases them through the seven wonders of the world as they are trying to save the head scientist who disappeared. Any ideas?


Name of a movie made in the 50's or 60's where a boyfriend proposes to his girlfriend in front of a jewelry store after hours. He asks her if she sees a ring she likes and then pops the question. That may not be enough information, but I would be grateful if anyone has a clue or guess to the name of this movie.


What is the name of a movie about 3 siblings? After spend some years in a psychiatric hospital, the oldest daughter knows that parents are abusing her little brother and sister, comes back and killed both of her parents in their bed by cutting them into pieces. She tried to hide the body, but a hand is found.

Looking for a made-for-TV Western movie (1980's-ish), light drama with a young Sheriff or lawman called (I think) "Longarm" or they called him that. (*No, this is NOT the name of the movie...I checked that already). He's traveling on the road with a young woman his age and a precocious 10-year-old girl who's always mouthing off to him. They're on the road together and he needs to get to a certain town so he can get something done there. Don't remember any of the actors' names.

CCARNI Premium member

Korean (Asian) Romance/Drama movie (adult themes) I saw this a LONG while back and haven't been able to find it since. It's about a wife who gets bored at home because her husband is always out. She somehow meets a woman who encourages her to join the world of prostitution, which she slowly does. She gains confidence the more she takes part in it with that woman (who is probably a bit out of her mind) pushing her along the way. I think at one point she sleeps with a guy in a store? I also remember the "pimp" wore very pimpish clothes. Huge hat, cane, cape, all that. The ending is what I remember the most. The wife gets caught by her husband/she catches her husband at the brothel, whereupon we learn the woman who was encouraging the wife to work at the brothel had actually been sleeping with the husband, as he is a regular. This conversation happens while the husband at that woman are having sex and she is choking him. There's also I believe a scene where she gets kicked out and begins to bang on the door hysterically, angrily demanding the money she is owed from the husband. I hope that's enough to help. I've searched a lot and can't find it.


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