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Chosen answer: The general consensus is that Big Bird is a canary; however, according to Wikipedia, he's also been described as a condor as well as an ibis. The one constant factor is that regardless of his species, Big Bird is always eight feet, two inches tall and flightless.

Answer: It is absolutely true. This is from Wikipedia: "The children's television show Sesame Street...was the first show of its kind that utilized a detailed and comprehensive educational curriculum, with specific educational goals, in its content. Its goals were garnered from in-house formative research and independent summative evaluations, and its first curriculum was created in a series of five seminars in 1968."

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That is how they created the show. By talking to researchers on child development.

Answer: What exactly are you asking? Does he literally eat everything? No. Will he eat anything? Perhaps. Has he eaten weird things, including stuff that wasn't food? Yes, a lot of times. Through the long history of "Sesame Street", Cookie Monster has been seen eating a lot of non-food items. He'll do this for a number of reasons, generally because he's trying to get to some cookies, he's out of cookies, or he's still hungry. For example, he ate a safe that Kermit had put cookies in (in a failed attempt to keep the cookies away from Cookie Monster). He ate a plate when everyone else ate all the cookies, leaving him with none. And he ate a full size pickup truck a genie gave him when he ran out of wishes to fill the truck with a million cookies because he was hungry. The other times he eats something non-food related is because he gets overly excited, or just being silly. Of course, now Cookie Monster knows that cookies are a sometime treat and will eat healthy foods.


I'm asking if he eats anything.

Answer: No, he doesn't eat everything, though he prefers cookies.

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Elmo: Oh look, it's Mr. Noodle's brother, Mr. Noodle.

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