The King of Queens

Friender Bender - S4-E4

Question: Carrie tells Doug that she was "pretty wrong" about whether they could make a case of "chain of causation" against Deacon. Can someone explain why they are not able to make the case?

Prints Charming - S5-E14

Question: When Carrie points out the photo of Mr. Hofferman playing guitar on a mountain, Doug jokes about him being gay. I don't understand - is this a reference to something?

Show generally

Question: Has Carrie's sister, Sara, ever been mentioned again after the first few episodes, and why was she taken off?

Answer: Sara hasn't been mentioned in later episodes, and it suggested in later episodes that she never existed, and that Carrie is an only child. Kevin James stated that the producers couldn't think of an good plots to use with Sara, so they left her out.

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Question: Were audience members not allowed cameras in the studio? Because there are hardly any pics of the King of Queen's set online. Thanks.

The Minister

Chosen answer: That is most likely the case.


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Question: Does anyone know if Carrie and Doug had a baby on the show? And also was it just me, or was Carrie pregnant in real life in one season, and they did not write it into the show, or did she just gain a lot of weight?

Answer: To answer the question directly. Carrie and Doug do not have a biological child during the show's main run. In season 3 or 4 finale (cant remember which) Carrie has a miscarriage. Later on in the show they find out Carrie has 1 working ovary. Thus reducing the chance of them conceiving. By the final season, they couple agree to adopt from China and go to collect their child in the show's final episode. While on the flight back from China it's revealed that Carrie is once again pregnant. However the last scene of the show is a flash forward showing that Carrie goes full term with that child and they are struggling with both kids.


Answer: Leah Remini was not pregnant in real life at the time of the series finale in 2007. Her daughter was born in summer 2004 and it was obvious she gained weight and wore larger clothes during that season. So no, her real pregnancy was not written into the show.

Answer: They did have a baby in the series finale. They actually adopted a baby from China, and then at the same time they found out she was pregnant. She was pregnant in real life, but they just covered her up, as much as they could, during the filming of the show.


Show generally

Question: Have Deacon and Kelly officially reconciled since Kelly left Deacon in the fourth season?

Answer: They are back together now, not sure when, but as of the 2005-2006 season, they are back together.


Answer: Season 6 episode 5 sees the return of Kelly who makes it clear she wishes to reconcile with Deacon.


Show generally

Question: Whose baby pictures and a couple of older kids pictures are on the refrigerator in Doug and Carrie's kitchen? Can't be Deacon and Kelly's of course and there's no one else on the show for nieces and nephews since they took off Carrie's sister! So who are they?

Answer: There's actually an episode of KoQ (2-9) where Doug asks Carrie the same thing. As both have no clue themselves. Doug tells Carrie to throw the photos out. Carrie says no, as friends might visit and notice they're taken down. This scene was added into the show, after similar questions from fans. Most likely, the photos are of kids of the writers, producers and/or relatives of the cast.

Answer: Carrie's the one who wanted to throw the pic out but Doug said no. She agreed, reluctantly, so she covered it with a magnet.

Roast Chicken - S3-E2

Question: When Doug is telling jokes at the dinner, he asks the audience if they all received a number-two pencil. Then he tells a red-haired woman that he is just kidding. Would someone explain this joke?

Answer: A number-two pencil has long been standard for filling in the little boxes or circles on various paper evaluation forms, tests, and ballots. Doug didn't think he was funny enough to tell jokes at the roast and seems to be implying that his performance will be rated on a scale. For example, the audience would fill in a box somewhere between five for "excellent" to a one for "poor." He quickly clarifies he is kidding.


Also, as for the "Red" part: it's somewhat common for a red-haired person to jokingly be called that, just as a blonde person might be called "Blondie." I don't think her hair color was part of the joke; he just wanted to stop her from seriously looking for a pencil.

Answer: It's nothing more than him saying her red hair looks like the red eraser on top of a pencil. He's asking did every table get a redhead.


Pencil erasers are more pink. Is it a common joke for people to think that redheads look like pencil erasers?

There are some pinkish erasers, but a lot also have very red erasers. I don't know if it was common per se, but certainly something someone would come up with off the top of their head in that situation. Plus, he puts his hand on her shoulder to indicate he's talking about her and not just talking to the room.


Lost Vegas - S7-E1

Question: When Danny pulls a Red Corvette into a rest area diner with valet parking in Ohio where the valet stole the car, what rock song and band were playing on the Corvette radio? (00:12:38 - 00:13:00)

Answer: This appears to be a random riff used for the show. There is nothing listed on the credits or on music detecting software for the song.


Show generally

Question: What's the name of the episode where Arthur hosts an open house on the Heffernan House?

Answer: S5 E3 "Holy Mackerel."

Jon Sandys

Art House - S1-E24

Question: Carrie asked Doug about what happened with his boss that day, which meant he could not have found out a problem with his boss from anyone else but Arthur. But then when Arthur comes in, she says "I heard you and Doug had a little adventure today", which meant it couldn't be Arthur, but then, who did she find out from?

Answer: If she thought that Doug wasn't being totally honest about what happened, she may have gone and talked to Arthur - pretending that Doug had told her everything already - to see if he would reveal something.

Paint Misbehavin' - S3-E14

Question: I don't understand the last scene, in which the man from the paintball place is shown going home, and his wife complains about him buying frozen yogurt. Can someone explain?

Answer: He was asked to pick something up but was more interested in playing paintball, so he didn't get the right item his wife wanted. She was annoyed at him for getting the wrong item.


Arthur, Spooner - S5-E1

Question: The elderly man in Carrie's overnight team, George, says that the firm is trying to force him to retire. Why don't they fire him?

Answer: Because he didn't do anything wrong. If they fired him simply for being older, he'd have excellent grounds for a wrongful termination suit. Much easier to 'convince' him to retire.

Brian Katcher

I know he didn't do anything wrong, but I thought New York was an "at-will employment" state, meaning that a company can simply terminate someone's employment at will.

Answer: To fire someone you need a reason and simply being older is not a reason. They could be sued for wrongful dismissal. If he retires the company doesn't get sued.


Yes, but New York is an "at-will employment" state, so a company can terminate employment at any time, without needing to give a good explanation. Unfair but it happens.

Even in at-will States, employers and employees can still enter into binding contracts that would protect an employee from being terminated without cause. These contracts may have retirement policies as well, should an employee want to retire with any benefits offered. And, what others were saying, barring any contract, terminating someone without reason is one thing, but for an illegal reasons (age discrimination) is another matter which could result in a lawsuit.


Answer: Kirby is mentioned just as much. But Marjor is older and so will naturally be mentioned more.


Major is not older.

Show generally

Question: What episode is it where they show Doug eating a extra hamburger before he gets home. Or he orders an extra burger he hides from Carrie?

Answer: Cowardly Lyin'.

Answer: This sounds like the 13th episode of season 4 titled Food Fight. Spencer's girlfriend gets Doug to taste her food much to Carrie's annoyance. Leading him to hide food from her.


It's actually the episode "Cowardly Lyin'." When Carrie asks Doug to tell her some things that he normally lies about, Doug says that he sometimes eats a "pre-dinner" burger.

That is true, there is also the episode Food Fight, where Douglas still hides food he is eating from Carrie.


Two Thirty - S4-E24

Plot hole: In this episode Arthur scams Deacon and several other parents for phony piano lessons because he doesn't actually know how to play the piano. However, earlier in the series (Art House episode, S1 - E24) we learn that Arthur can play the piano when he temporarily moves out and after his house warming party Doug says to Carrie, "Who knew Arthur could play the piano like that?"

The Minister

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Supermarket Story - S1-E10

Trivia: The house that Doug visits to make a delivery and stays for a while is the same one that is used for the Heffermans' neighbours' house.

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