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The King of Queens (1998)

36 mistakes in season 5

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Mammary Lane - S5-E5

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the episode, the establishing shot shows a bowling alley with a sign that reads Mar Lin Do Lanes. A few minutes later, Doug welcomes Denise on behalf of the family at Bowl-O-Rama. (00:04:10)


Jung Frankenstein - S5-E12

Revealing mistake: In the final scene of the episode, Arthur is searching for used bottles of nasal spray. He empties the contents of the trash can on the kitchen floor and finds one after sifting through the trash. However, the bottle had already been positioned on the floor next to the trash can before he picked up the trash can so it would be easy to find when the trash was emptied on the floor.

Window Pain - S5-E2

Visible crew/equipment: When Doug gets into their Jeep after meeting the new neighbours, a man and the backstage can be seen in the passenger side mirror. When the shot cuts back to Doug again it's darker but when he backs up, the reverse lights of the Jeep reveal the man and stage again. (00:26:55)

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Clothes Encounter - S5-E21

Character mistake: The woman in the store claims that the umlaut on the shoe size indicates a half size in Europe. This is wrong because the European shoe size system (used in Germany among others) is completely different from the US system. Carrie's 6 1/2 shoes would be a size 39 according to the European system.


Taste Buds - S5-E24

Continuity mistake: Just after Carrie tells Doug that she knows what he has been doing, she storms out of the kitchen. Doug has his hand on a water bottle on the table, then picks it up as he rushes after Carrie. In the next shot of Doug walking into the living room, the water bottle is gone.


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Friender Bender - S4-E4

Trivia: When Spence is describing why he can't eat peanuts ("My body doesn't like this and my throat gets real small") Kirby's hands are mimicking the lines along with Spence because he already knows what Spence is going to say. (00:51:40)

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