The King of Queens

Animal Attraction - S5-E15

Revealing mistake: When Deacon tries the doors on the van, the wall moves, revealing it's not a van but a set.


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Jung Frankenstein - S5-E12

Revealing mistake: In the final scene of the episode, Arthur is searching for used bottles of nasal spray. He empties the contents of the trash can on the kitchen floor and finds one after sifting through the trash. However, the bottle had already been positioned on the floor next to the trash can before he picked up the trash can so it would be easy to find when the trash was emptied on the floor.

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Window Pain - S5-E2

Revealing mistake: When Arthur jumps over the turnstile at the subway where Spence works you can see it is a stuntman wearing the same outfit as Arthur.


The Minister

Attention Deficit - S5-E13

Revealing mistake: When Carrie knocks the cards over at the start, some stay in the pyramid shape despite being knocked over, revealing the cards are glued together.


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Queens'bro Bridge - S5-E22

Revealing mistake: Both times when you see an overview of the bridge, it's the same clip being used.


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Carrie Heffernan: Ok, Maybe you're a little...big.
Arthur Spooner: Why is this even a discussion? The man's gargantuan.



When Carrie phones Doug at IPS, Doug goes to press the button on the phone for the correct line, but doesn't press any and continues to talk to Carrie.



Kevin James, who plays lead character Doug, and Gary Valentine, who plays his cousin Danny, are in fact real life brothers, with Gary being over 4 yrs older.