The King of Queens

Hi, School - S7-E14

New this month Character mistake: When Doug sticks his head in coach Walcott's office the coach (played by Burt Reynolds) calls him by his real name Kevin, not Doug or Douglas, his character's name.

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New this month Suggested correction: No, he calls him by his last name, Heffernan.


Missing Links - S4-E17

Character mistake: When Carrie finds Tina, she mentions the "stuff" that Tina listens to at work, and Tina tells her that it's salsa. We know from previous episodes that Carrie likes salsa dancing, so shouldn't she know salsa music?

Clothes Encounter - S5-E21

Character mistake: The woman in the store claims that the umlaut on the shoe size indicates a half size in Europe. This is wrong because the European shoe size system (used in Germany among others) is completely different from the US system. Carrie's 6 1/2 shoes would be a size 39 according to the European system.


Precedent Nixin' - S6-E19

New this month Character mistake: Doug claims to be a Pisces, however during this episode when entering his birthday into the alarm system to disarm it he calls out 2-9-69 which shows he would be an Aquarius.

Tricker Treat - S4-E6

Character mistake: The Doctor tells Carrie what's wrong with Arthur and what they are going to do. When he tells Carrie this, they are in a packed waiting room, completely violating patient confidentiality. (00:08:35)

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