Law & Order

Self Defense - S3-E7

Audio problem: As the Stone and Schiff are watching the news report on the security camera tape the reporter has a voice over going whilst the tape is playing. Towards the end of the tape she is shown on TV and is doing a report on the case. You can see her lips don't come close to synching up with what she is saying. The piece was already airing on TV, so very doubtful the TV station missed the large discrepancy.

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Benevolence - S3-E22

Character mistake: When the focus of an investigation of the murder of a deaf woman turns from a deaf activist named Paul Crandall, to Gordon Bryce, the hearing director of an institute for the deaf, Ben Stone instructs Mr. Robinette to "tell Crandall's attorney we're dismissing the charges against his client." However, Crandall's attorney, seen earlier in a scene with Stone and Robinette, was actually a woman, played by Camryn Manheim.

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Det. Lennie Briscoe: Boy, I'd hate for somebody to trace me by what I read.
Det. Rey Curtis: You read, Lennie?

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Trivia: Before his transfer to the NYPD, Joe Fontana (played by Dennis Farina) worked as a detective in Chicago. Before becoming an actor, Farina served in the Chicago police department, both as a police officer and a detective. Farina also played a Chicago police officer on the short-lived 1980s TV series Crime Story.

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Question: Who does the voice-over at the beginning of each episode?

Answer: According to the IMDB, the voiceover is provided by Steven Zirnkilton, who also provided the oppening voiceovers for the other Law & Order series, as well as for the 2003 revival of Dragnet.

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