Law & Order

Called Home - S18-E1

Character mistake: Michael Cutter decides to charge Bill Nolan with second-degree manslaughter, and tells Green and Lupo to pick him up. In the next scene, as he and Ed lead Nolan away in cuffs, Lupo says he's under arrest for murder.

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Myth of Fingerprints - S12-E7

Character mistake: In the scene where Serena Southerlyn is speaking to a fingerprint expert, he tells her that he found seven false positives out of the 20 prints tested. Serena replies, "That's almost a third." It's not almost 1/3; it's more than 1/3.


Show generally

Character mistake: Season 20, episode 6 ("Human Flesh Search Engine"). When Bernard reads a line on a website out loud he says "somebody needs to kill him". At the same time we see a close up of the website, which says "somebody should kill him".


Married with Children - S14-E13

Character mistake: The "grandmother" says at first her husband was reluctant to accept the adopted grandchild of the lesbian couple, then says he took one look into those big blue eyes. The child has brown eyes throughout the entire episode.


Benevolence - S3-E22

Character mistake: When the focus of an investigation of the murder of a deaf woman turns from a deaf activist named Paul Crandall, to Gordon Bryce, the hearing director of an institute for the deaf, Ben Stone instructs Mr. Robinette to "tell Crandall's attorney we're dismissing the charges against his client." However, Crandall's attorney, seen earlier in a scene with Stone and Robinette, was actually a woman, played by Camryn Manheim.

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Hindsight - S16-E21

Other mistake: When they are showing the rap sheets for the Cambodian man, the race on the sheet says Caucasian when he is Asian, and for the African American man, the sex says "F" when he is male.

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Det. Lennie Briscoe: We got a hit on the fake fur.
Det. Rey Curtis: Yeah, you'll never guess what they make them out of.
Lt. Anita Van Buren: Recycled soda bottles. What else did you find out?

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Old Friends - S4-E22

Trivia: When Logan and Briscoe first visit Rudy, the song he plays air guitar to is "Politician" by Cream.

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