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Continuity mistake: (Episode: Acid - Season 16 E11) When Lt. Van Buren and the victims mother are talking in the kitchen, the cabinet behind Van Buren changes from opened to closed several times.


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Other mistake: In the episode TOMBSTONE the scene where the murdered female lawyer is discovered, she's laying on her right side with her feet toward the direction of entry. In the next scene where the detectives view the body, the dead female lawyer is on her left side with her feet pointing toward the window.

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Continuity mistake: In Episode 16-17, "America, Inc" from air date 3-22-06; The detectives determine that the victim's cell phone was found in a trash can near the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel. Later, when they are interrogating a suspect Detective Greene tells him "You tossed the victim's cell phone at the entrance to the Midtown Tunnel.

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Continuity mistake: Season 18 - "Quit Claim": Near the end, when McCoy and Cutter walk into Cutter's office, McCoy closes the door. On the back of the door is a white board and McCoy writes "Fri 12:00" on the board and then underlines it. When McCoy opens the door to leave, "Fri. 12:00" is still there but the line under it is gone.


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Character mistake: Season 20, episode 6 ("Human Flesh Search Engine"). When Bernard reads a line on a website out loud he says "somebody needs to kill him". At the same time we see a close up of the website, which says "somebody should kill him".


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Factual error: When the cops need to arrest a medical professional, they are frequently shown barging into his/her office, exam room, or even operating room. This would never happen in real life and is strictly forbidden, as it is a gross violation of the patient's privacy, and in the case of the OR, could contaminate the sterile environment, thereby jeopardizing patient safety as well.

Det. Lennie Briscoe: We got a hit on the fake fur.
Det. Rey Curtis: Yeah, you'll never guess what they make them out of.
Lt. Anita Van Buren: Recycled soda bottles. What else did you find out?

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Old Friends - S4-E22

Trivia: When Logan and Briscoe first visit Rudy, the song he plays air guitar to is "Politician" by Cream.

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Gunshow - S10-E1

Question: In regards to the judge's rules for the case at the end with the gun manufacturers, can someone explain what he McCoy had to prove? It was something about that he had to prove that the gun manufacturer designed the gun to made as was the use. Does this mean they had to prove it was going to be used for deadly force because of the fault in the guns? It just sounded strange because they were gun manufacturers so I wasn't too sure why they had to prove that.

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Chosen answer: McCoy had to prove that the gun manufacturers knew that they gun was being used illegally and that all it took was a simply adjustment. He had to prove that they knew that they (the gun manufacturers) would sell more guns because of the faulty design.

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