Question: Just before Angel and Collins invite Roger and Mark to go to the life support meeting, Angel says something in Spanish. Does anyone know what it is?

Answer: "This egg needs some salt." It's a Spanish idiom meaning that he needs a girlfriend.

Question: During the La Vie Boheme song Angel looks at Roger over the top of Mark and says something. Anyone know what it is?

Answer: Angel says "I can feel his balls".

Question: Is Collins a homosexual? Because he loves Angel as a woman but Angel is actually a man. So is he gay because he loves a man or straight because he loves a woman?

Answer: He is homosexual. He loves Angel as a person. Albeit, a person who is a man that dresses like a woman.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film, Angel enters Mark's apartment with Tom and does her (his?) dance on the furniture. Notice that the long table has crumbs all over it. Fast forward one year later when Mimi is carried up to the apartment and placed on the table. Miraculously, the same crumbs are there. After her quick recovery, the crumbs are not only gone, but the table is polished. (00:28:40 - 02:00:00)

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Tom Collins: Merry Christmas, bitches!

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