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Corrected entry: In "La Vie Boheme B", when Collins and Maureen are on the counter, Collins picks up Maureen and spins her to the other side of the counter. When she hits the counter, she nearly falls and breaks character. She even mouths something to him.

Correction: Idina (Maureen) doesn't break character at all, or mime something to Collins. She may almost fall, but she just says the word 'lezzies' (part of the song), and stays perfectly in character.

Corrected entry: During 'Out Tonight' you can hear several men yell "Mimi!" Strippers go by false names for safety reasons, so Mimi would never have given her real name to customers.

Correction: Several people I work with go to the local strip club every weekend. They know most, if not all of the strippers' real names as well as their stage names.

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Corrected entry: During La Vie Boheme, just after Maureen moons, it shows Roger sitting next to a blonde lady and they both sing 'La Vie Boheme' and turn their heads. In the very next shot, you see Roger from behind and he is sitting next to someone completely different. For the rest of the scene he is back next to the blonde lady.

Correction: The same wavy haired blonde woman is beside Roger thoughout the entire scene.


Corrected entry: When Collins is getting mugged in the beginning of the movie, his jacket mysteriously disappears, then reappears when the thugs steal it off his back.

Correction: His jacket does not disappear it is simply hard to see because the alley is dark. It does fall off of his shoulders, however, but it is still on him.

Corrected entry: During the first "La Vie Boheme" segment, Angel and Collins stand on the bar and Collins writes "Fight AIDS" on the chalkboard. When everyone yells "Fight AIDS", Collins disappears from on top of the bar, the words "Fight AIDS" are erased and the menu is written again, and Angel is standing much further back on the bar than before.


Correction: If you watch closely Collins jumps off of the bar to go continue the song somewhere else while Angel starts dancing where he was on the bar. The words are there the whole time after Collins writes them.

Corrected entry: During La Vie Boheme, when Mimi says "AZT (azidothymidine) break" and takes a pill (everyone with AIDS is supposed to be taking their AZT) Roger conspicuously does not. Missing this would lead to drastic consequences, including possible death.

Correction: There's nothing that says they have to take it at the exact same time. He could easily have taken his earlier.


Correction: It's not like everyone in the world takes their prescription meds at the exact same time just because it's for the same disease.

Corrected entry: When Collins finally makes it into the apartment, he gives Roger and Mark a drink. Collins then picks up a couple cups and throws them into his bucket. Two of the cups are hard plastic and one is paper, however when thrown into the bucket the only thing that makes a sound is the paper cup, neither of the two hard plastic cups make any noise.

Correction: Actually all the cups make a sound.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, when bags of Heroin are shown, they contain approximately 50 times the amount that is in a bindle of Heroin, and are clear. Heroin bindles are small and opaque.

Correction: Throughout the movie we see bags of "substances" that we can't prove to be Heroin, since they never say what it is. They only refer to it as "powder"

Corrected entry: During La Vie Boheme Collins has a cigarette behind his ear that is constantly appearing and disappearing.

Correction: The cigarette only disappears when Collins is smoking it.

Corrected entry: In 'I Should Tell You,' Roger sings 'I'd forgotten how to smile until your candle burned my skin.' However, in 'Light My Candle,' it was Mimi who was burned by the wax, and not Roger.

Correction: In "I should tell you", Roger is not referring to the physical candle, but he is using it as a metaphor for Mimi's heart or love. Further proof is in "Another Day" when he refers to her candle, when she doesn't have anything with her.

Corrected entry: In "Over The Moon" Maureen sings "It's like I'm being tied to the hood of a yellow rental truck, being packed in with fertilizer and fuel oil..." This is a reference to the Oklahoma City bombing which occurred in 1995. Since Rent the movie was set in 1989-1990 the bombing had not happened yet.

Correction: This is not a reference to anything specific that has ever happened, especially not Oklahoma City in 1995, because the musical was already written at that point including its songs.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the group returns to Mark and Roger's apartment on New Year's Day, and they find that Benny has taken all of their stuff, Maureen finds a bag of chips out of no where. She did not have the chips when she was walking on the street, and she has the chips before she gets a chance to go into the kitchen.

Correction: Maureen has the chips before they walk into the locked building. She's carrying them as they all stand and watch Angel break down the padlock, and carries them into the empty apartment.

Corrected entry: The movie opens on Christmas Eve. The first voice mail message that Roger and Mark listen to in the film is from Mark's mother lamenting that he isn't joining the family the next day (Christmas Day) and that she hoped he enjoyed the gift she sent (the hotplate). It is established later in the film that Mark is Jewish (since he can't sustain erections on High Holy Days), and thus, his mother wouldn't be sorry not to see him on Christmas Day.

Correction: Several very plausible explanations for this, some of which are: One: That Mark comes from an intermarriage family, thus they also celebrate Christmas. Two: His family is getting together to celebrate Chanukah (festival for eight days), which happens to fall out on Christmas that year. Three: Even if Chanukah does not fall out on the same date as Christmas, some Jewish families choose to have their family get-togethers then because of convenience, due to closed businesses and kids being off from public schools.

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Mark Cohen: You know, there are times when we're dirt broke, hungry and freezing and I ask myself "why the hell am I still living here?" and then they call, and I remember.



One of Angel's lyrics (in "Today For You, Tomorrow For Me) refers to the movie "Thelma and Louise." Rent (the movie) is set in 1989-90. "Thelma and Louise" was released in 1991.[This was caused when they did the move from Broadway to the screen. What happened was the stage show did not specify the year. So when they adapted the stage show to the movie, they didn't check the references. Plus it just sounds cool. Added info by Todd Loewen]