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El Mariachi: You want me to shoot the cook?
Agent Sands: No. I'll shoot the cook. My car's parked out back, anyway.

Sands: FBI agents never retire, they just take it a little easier.

Agent Sands: Are you a Mexi-CAN or a Mexi-can't?
Cucuy: I'm a Mexi-CAN.
Agent Sands: Good. Then do as I say.

Agent Sands: Mexico's my beat, and I'm walking it.

Agent Sands: Can you hear me now?.. Fucking bells.

El Mariachi: Why me?
Sands: Frankly, because you've got nothing to live for... and in a way you're already dead and Marquez is the one that killed you so why not return the favor?

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Jack Sparrow: I have no sympathy for any of you feculent maggots and no more patience to pretend otherwise. Gentlemen, I wash my hand of this weirdness.

Lord Cutler Beckett: You're mad!
Jack Sparrow: Well if I wasn't, this would probably never work.

Davy Jones: Do you fear death?
Jack Sparrow: You've no idea.

Jack Sparrow: Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?

Jack Sparrow: William, tell me somethin'. Have you come because you need my help to save a certain distressin' damsel? Or... Rather, damsel in distress? Either one...
Will Turner: No.
Jack Sparrow: Well, then you wouldn't be here, would you? So you can't be here! Q.E.D. - you're not really here!

Jack Sparrow: We must fight... To run away!

Jack Sparrow: Great! Now we're being followed by rocks.

Jack Sparrow: Send this pestilent, traitorous, cow-hearted, yeasty codpiece to the brig.

Jack Sparrow: Can't spot it. Must be a tiny thing hiding somewhere behind the Pearl.

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Tia Dalma: You know I demand payment.
Jack Sparrow: I brought payment. Look, an undead monkey! Top that.

Jack Sparrow: Oi fish face! I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt! Guess what's inside of it?.

Elizabeth: There will come a moment when you have the chance to do the right thing.
Jack: I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by.

Jack Sparrow: Why is the rum always gone?
[Walks a short distance groggily.]
Jack Sparrow: Oh - that's why.

Norrington: You actually were telling the truth.
Jack Sparrow: I do that quite a lot, yet everyone is always suprised.

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