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The Judge: By the way, that's a shame about your face.
Hatchet-Face: There's nothing the matter with my face. I got character.

Baldwin: Allison! They beat me and kicked me... all because I love you.

Mrs. Vernon-Williams, Allison's Grandmother: Your Honour, I am Allison's grandmother.

Mrs. Vernon-Williams, Allison's Grandmother: Baldwin, please be a gentleman and call off this race. It's too dangerous.
Baldwin: Mrs. Vernon-Williams, you were born a square and you're gonna die a square. You're coming with me.

Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: Allison, I'm sorry to get you locked up! But tonight, well, you were the coolest date I ever had.
Allison: But Cry-Baby, who was that girl? Why didn't you tell me you already had a lady friend?
Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: That Lenora ain't nothing to me! I swear on my daddy's grave! I'm burning inside to touch you, baby.

Cry-Baby: I can sing pretty good.
Mrs. Vernon-Williams, Allison's Grandmother: 'Well, ' not 'good.' Haven't you ever heard of the English language?

Cry-Baby: Kiss me! Kiss me hard.
Allison: I've never given a French kiss before.
Cry-Baby: Watch, it's easy. You just open your mouth, and I open mine, and we wiggle our tongues together. And it feels real sexy.
Allison: I won't get mononucleosis, will I?

Allison: What's the matter, Cry-Baby?
Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: Everything's the matter.
Allison: It's just the thunderstorm. Heat lightening. It's sexy.
Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker: It's not sexy! Electricity makes me insane.

Baldwin: We're squares, Allison, and squares got to stick together.
Allison: Yeah, but Drapes are people too. They just look different.

Allison: Oh, Crybaby, your fingers feel so good.
Cry-Baby: I've been saving it up for a girl like you.

Wanda's Father: Hi, Wanda honey.
Wanda's mother: You were on the radio.
Wanda: Would you just get me the fuck out of here?
Wanda's mother: What's "fuck" mean, Hector?
Wanda's Father: Oh, Maggie, it's just a teen nonsense word Wanda uses to make herself feel all grown-up.
Wanda's mother: Your Honor, could we take Wanda the fuck home?

Wanda: Think Cry-Baby's got blue balls for the chick?
Hatchet Face: Allison's a square, Wanda. Cry-Baby don't dig squares.
Pepper: No, she's a scrape - part square, part drape. I think she's pretty.

Continuity mistake: When the Drapes are singing to Allison/Baldwin/Mrs. Vernon Williams, the song, "Gee, I Love that Girl" in the speeding cars, Hatchet-Face's gold earrings are on, then off, then on again. They are seen again in other scenes.

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