Secret Window

Trivia: One should really stay to the very end of the credits, as Johnny Depp (Mort) sings an amusing little tune.

Trivia: Chicko, the dog, was 11 years old and blind. The dog was constantly bumping into furniture so it was very hard for the film crew. They only got one take of Chicko walking through the doggie door with out bumping into the wall or a piece of furniture and that is the take that was in the movie.

Trivia: In a shot of Mort's coffee table, we see a book by Hunter Thompson. Johnny Depp (Mort) played Thompson in "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" (1998).


Trivia: In the scene where Mort sees Kent's Cadillac in the driveway, he taps on the window. Mort was told that Kent was dead, Shooter had gotten to Kent, Kent was told that he was supposed to wake up when the glass was tapped. Mort's reaction was real. When Johnny Depp (who played Mort) looks back off screen, he is glaring at the director, who was laughing his head off.

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Trivia: When Mort smashes the shower door, the hole left in the glass looks like a small, four-legged animal with a screwdriver in its neck - which is how Shooter kills his dog.

Trivia: Timothy Hutton also starred in "The Dark Half", another movie based on a Stephen King book about a fictional author who comes to life.

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Trivia: During the suspenseful moment where Mort Rainey destroys his bathroom, we see him smash the mirror. As he walks out of the bathroom, the mirror falls. This wasn't supposed to happen, but the director thought it fit so well with the moment that he decided to keep it in the movie.

Trivia: In the book "Secret Window, Secret Garden" the ending is completely different. Mort Rainey dies, without killing Ted and Amy. They live and get married. Also they believed, at the end, that Shooter was a real person. Totally different from the movie. Everything else was almost word for word.

Trivia: The Ellery Queen magazine is seen in the film and Jim Hutton, father of Timothy Hutton (Ted), starred as Ellery Queen, the detective/mystery sleuth in the 1975-1976 Ellery Queen television series.

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Trivia: The opening sequence brings us across the lake, through the Secret Window, over the railing and INTO THE MIRROR. A deliberate implication that we are seeing INSIDE the character's psyche.

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Trivia: When Mort is flipping through the Ellery Queen magazine in search of his short story, we see "The Long Walk" listed in the table of contents. Stephen King wrote both "The Long Walk" and "Secret Window, Secret Garden."

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Trivia: Johnny Depp's line, "This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife. Anymore.", is taken from the Talking Heads' song "Once in a Lifetime".

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Trivia: When Mort reaches for a book on the bookshelf you can see a copy of The Rum Diary which is a Hunter S. Thompson book, and one that Johnny Depp would later star in the movie version in 2011.

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Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, Mort closes the door of his jeep before he goes into the hotel room. You can hear the sound of the door closing and it's visible in the rearview-mirror. As the camera moves out of the room, the jeep door is completely open. (00:02:05)

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Mort: I'm a dairy farmer from Mississippi.

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Question: At the end of the credits, we hear Johnny Depp sing "mama's little baby loves shortnin' bread." Is there any reason for this, or a tie-in to the movie I missed?


Chosen answer: An additional reference to the full dominant personality takeover of Shooter, everything gravitates South Mississippi.

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