Fed up and sensing a change in the wind, Vianne decides to close the shop and leave town, but her daughter wants to stay. The mayor, who vandalizes Vianne’s shop, succumbs to the power of chocolate and asks for her forgiveness. When the villager who set fire to the gypsy barge tells the mayor what he did, the mayor becomes angry and banishes him. The mayor finally acknowledges what everyone else knows - his long-departed wife is never coming back. He courts Caroline Clairmont, who is in love with him. Josephine, who worked for Vianne, leaves her abusive husband and starts her own successful business. Vianne decides to stay for good, and Roux comes back for her.

Other mistake: When the priest is singing to himself in the garden, you can hear a person off camera say "go" just before the mayor enters.

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Serge: We are still married, in the eyes of God.
Josephine: Then He must be blind.

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Question: What did the little town have that the mayor wished to preserve?

Answer: The mayor is resistant to any change and tries to subvert any influence that threatens its traditions.

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