Corrected entry: The narrator says at the beginning of the movie there is a strong north wind, yet the snow is going the opposite direction.

logan crews

Correction: This type of mistake needs some clarification attesting to how you can prove that the snow and wind direction is south.


Corrected entry: The movie starts with a service, covering all the habits of the village people and stressing their conformity. Why then does the lady wake up her husband, who sits sleeping through a song while everyone else is standing, only when the song is over? (00:02:35)


Correction: Just because people are expected to conform, does not mean that they always do so. She is prodding him to wake him up before the mayor notices.


Corrected entry: Anouk's imaginary friend Pantoufle, when shown at the end, isn't a kangaroo. It's a wallaby.

Correction: This is very much a character mistake. It is very common for people to get them mixed up. Much like alligators and crocodiles.


Corrected entry: Blérot's dog is supposed to stick his nose under Mme. Audel's skirt and expose her underwear. When you look closely you see that she lifts her skirt herself. (00:18:40)


Correction: This is not a mistake. She pulled her skirt away from the dog to keep it away from the dog. The dog did not lift the skirt, nor was it intended to look that way.

Corrected entry: When Josephine comes to Vianne in the middle of the night, Vianne opens the door to the shop and you can see that it is all wood. At this point in the movie, it should still have glass windows. Serge comes later and breaks the window, which Roux then fixes. (00:43:10)

Correction: The glass windows in the door have wooden shutters which go over the glass and can be removed. They can be seen earlier on in the movie leaning against the wall of the shop.

Other mistake: When the priest is singing to himself in the garden, you can hear a person off camera say "go" just before the mayor enters.

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Roux: How's the door?
Vianne Rocher: It squeaks.
Roux: Does it?

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Question: What exactly was Anouk doing when she hid crumbled-up pieces of paper under her blanket to fool her mother that she's just sleeping? What was she trying to do?

Cody Fairless-Lee

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