The Blues Brothers

Trivia: This movie set a long-standing Guinness World Record for the largest number of automobiles ever destroyed in a movie: 60 refurbished and reinforced police cars were wrecked (most beyond repair) in the various chase scenes. This record held until the belated sequel, "Blues Brothers 2000," (1998) deliberately set the new record by wrecking one additional automobile for a total of 61.

Trivia: In every John Landis film, you can see or hear the phrase "See you next Wednesday." In this film, it's the big movie ad sign (starring King Kong) where a police car is hiding behind.

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Trivia: The Cook County collector is played by Steven Spielberg.

Trivia: The mall the Blues Brothers drove through is the old Dixie Square mall in Harvey Illinois. The 800,000 square foot shopping center had been abandoned in 1979 and was renovated specially for the chase sequence. The mall remained unused since filming was completed and was demolished in 2012.

Trivia: Right after the first police car pileup in the mall, a police office says, "He broke my watch." If you listen carefully, right after every police car pileup thereafter you can hear a police office yell, "He broke my watch." The actor who improvised the line, billed as "Charming Trooper," was singer/songwriter Stephen Bishop.

Trivia: Little Richard was asked to appear and perform in the film; he declined because at the time the film was made, he was only performing gospel music, as opposed to the secular music from his early career.


Trivia: The Nazi group is called the "American Socialist White Peoples Party." ASWPP. Or when pronounced..."Ass Wipe"

Trivia: Notice the Graffiti on the Bridge the Blues Brothers use to hide the car. One of them is *John (heart) Debbie*. This is a reference to the Director, John Landis, and his wife Deborah.

Trivia: When the Blues Brothers sing "Jailhouse Rock," there are several shots of a long-haired prisoner who eventually leaps onto the table to dance. The performer is Joe Walsh, guitar player for The Eagles.

Trivia: Several "Bluesmobiles" were created for the film; a crew member drove one over 100 miles west to Spring Valley, Illinois. He was arrested because the vehicle's license plate was a fake; when contacted by the police, the filmmakers in Chicago were more concerned with recovering the vehicle than bailing out the driver.


Trivia: When Aretha Franklin is singing "Think" in the café, one of the backing singers is her sister Carolyn.

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Suggested correction: He pulls his sunglasses off in front of Carrie Fisher at the very end of the movie.

Elwood swaps his sunglasses for safety specs at his workplace when he quits his job. DVD release only.

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Continuity mistake: In the deleted scene where Elwood goes into the manager's office to quit, right before he walks in the door he sets his briefcase down, it is slightly crooked and in the center of the floor. When he goes to leave it is sitting straight and further to the left. (00:42:45)

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Police Dispatcher: Use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers HAS been approved.

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Question: Did John Belushi do all the dancing, especially the turnovers in church, by himself or was it a double?

Answer: It was a double, and the "making of" documentary on the DVD shows this.

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To be fair, John did do a lot of flips and dancing as Jake; just not all of them in the movie

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