The Blues Brothers

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they go to Elwood's apartment, Elwood puts on a 78 RPM Decca Louis Jordan record. The record is entitled "Saturday Night Fish Fry". But the song that plays is "Let The Good Times Roll".

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Continuity mistake: In the deleted scene where Elwood goes into the manager's office to quit, right before he walks in the door he sets his briefcase down, it is slightly crooked and in the center of the floor. When he goes to leave it is sitting straight and further to the left. (00:42:45)

Continuity mistake: At the end of the church scene, James Brown is shown placing the microphone back on its stand. Then it cuts to a wide shot of James pacing the stage, mic in hand. (00:23:50)

Continuity mistake: In the mall chase scene, when the police car flips over, you can see the antenna break off the side of the car. When they cut back to the car again, you can see it break off once more. Then, when they show that the car has stopped spinning, the antenna is completely intact. (00:31:15)

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Continuity mistake: When the three ladies of the Soul Food Chorus get up to sing "Think" with Aretha Frankin, their food is sitting on the counter; ten seconds later in a wide shot, it has gone. (This is undoubtedly so that "Blue" Lou can do his thing on the counter.) When the ladies sit down again and get a nasty look from Aretha after Matt and Lou have left, their food is back again. (01:02:50)

Continuity mistake: The first bridge in the movie is rising very fast. When they drive on the bridge, it stands lower than before, and the jump they make, is over a small area, although you see later that the bridge is completely up. (00:09:25)

Continuity mistake: In the shopping mall car chase scene, the police cars that tips over has got siren lights at the top but when they tip over and slide along the floor and spin, on the inside view of the car, you can see the lights have been taken away for the car to slide better. On the outside view of the car sliding you can see the lights on the top of the car. (00:31:50)

Continuity mistake: During the scene at Bob's Country Bunker, when the band is playing Rawhide, a bar patron starts dancing on top of a table with a beer in his hand. In the background of the second shot of him, John Belushi is on the stage and has just picked up the bullwhip. In the next camera cut Belushi walks to the end of the stage and picks up the whip again. (01:17:50)

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, when Jake and Elwood jump the drawbridge you see the gate arms are down. When the car lands on the other side the gates are up. (00:09:10)

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, when Jake and Elwood jump the drawbridge they show a shot along the passenger side of the car as Elwood floors it to make the jump. Watch the rear tyre. The driver slams on the brakes as they approach the raised portion of the bridge. (00:09:30)

Continuity mistake: When we see the Nazis falling in their car, one shot shows the car from above falling into an area without any buildings around the docks. When the car lands however it is in a built-up area of the city. [Due to the lack of available special effects, the crew had to actually drop a car from a helicopter onto the area shown without any buildings because of safety issues. The landing of the car in the city area was edited into the scene, the rest of it was real.] (02:05:45)

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, just before crashing through the Daley Building, the driver's side rear window is rolled down, then it is up again just before (and as) the car falls apart. (02:11:50)

Continuity mistake: When the Blues Brothers go off the highway down the steep embankment, the cops are directly behind them, however when we cut to the shot of the first cop car crashing, the Blues Brothers' vehicle is nowhere to be seen on the side road up ahead.


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Continuity mistake: When the Blues Brothers go to persuade Matt and "Blue" Lou to rejoin the band, and they have just ordered their signature meals from Aretha Franklin, she goes to Matt in the kitchen to moan. Matt is cooking two burgers of some kind, but in a shot of Aretha 30 seconds or so later (when Matt says not to talk that way around his old lady), the burgers have moved and multiplied. (01:00:53)

Continuity mistake: When police cars chase the Blues Brothers down Lower Wacker Drive, a number of vehicles parked on Upper Wacker Drive disappear between shots. (01:48:20)


Continuity mistake: During the church scene at the beginning of the movie, when Jake is doing cartwheels down the aisle, you can clearly see suspenders attached to the back of his pants. In the next scene, they are gone. (00:21:55)

Continuity mistake: At Bob's Country Bunker, Jake takes one of the beers and drinks it. When he grabs another beer, there are the same number of beers there were before (without subtracting the beer he took before). (01:17:25)

Continuity mistake: When Carrie Fisher confronts Jake in the underground tunnel, Jake can be seen wearing a pair of black wellies instead of his usual shoes. (02:10:00)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Blues Brothers visit the Penguin, the door Elwood opens while running away closes between shots and he is seen opening it twice.

Continuity mistake: When the Blues Brothers escape from the road construction at the bridge and the Illinois Nazis, Elwood flips their car so it lands behind the Nazi leader's. When the car starts to flip, though, it does so while driving backwards, so it should land with its backside first and Elwood would have to reverse in order to drive back, but it comes down with its front first. Also, as it shoots over the Nazi car, it comes driving off a ramp, and not crashing down at the end of a somersault. (02:10:50)

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Mystery Woman: You contemptible pig! I remained celibate for you. I stood in the back of a cathedral, waiting, in celibacy, for you, with three hundred friends and relatives in attendance. My uncle hired the best Romanian caterers in the state. To obtain the seven limousines for the wedding party, my father used up his last favor with Mad Pete Trullo. So for me, for my mother, my grandmother, my father, my uncle, and for the common good, I must now kill you, and your brother.

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Trivia: In every John Landis film, you can see or hear the phrase "See you next Wednesday." In this film, it's the big movie ad sign (starring King Kong) where a police car is hiding behind.

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Question: What tune is being played during the mall scene, and again when Cab Calloway introduces Jake and Elwood on stage? (I've heard it many times before, most recently in promos for the 2004 Major League All-State Game.).

Answer: It's 'Can't Turn You Loose,' often refered to as the Blues Brothers Theme.

rabid anarchist

Also done much earlier by Otis Redding.

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