Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp), A.K.A Benjamin Barker, meets Mrs. Lovett and together they start a bakery whose pies are made from the high class visitors whom Todd slit their throat. It seems that their plan goes as plan, but only the beggar woman notices that something is wrong. Sweeney kills Adolfo Pirelli (Sacha Baron Cohen) because he recognized him as Benjamin Barker, and hires his assistant, a young kid named Toby, to help him in the factory. Meanwhile, Todd's friend, Anthony (Jamie Campbell Bower) rescues Sweeney's daughter, Johanna (Jayne Wiesner) from the clutches of Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman), who arrives at Sweeney's barbershop. Sweeney awaits his revenge... When suddenly the beggar woman burst into the shop, cursing the wicked place, as she suddenly recognizes Sweeney. "Haven't we met before, Mr.?" she asks Sweeney. Shocked, he slits her throat and sends her body to the bakery. Then, he takes out a knife and kills Judge Turpin. Meanwhile, Toby notices the dead bodies in the bakery as Beadle's (Timothy Spall) body falls in, and realises that Todd killed Pirelli. Todd arrives at the bakery along with Mrs. Lovett after Toby, wishing to kill him as he witnessed the crime. When suddenly, He looks at one of the bodies... The one of the Beggar woman... And horrifyingly discovers her to be his wife, whom he thought to be dead because of Mrs. Lovett. Mrs. Lovett asks him to forget her deed, but Todd throws her into the oven and burns her alive. As he clutches onto his dead wife, whom he killed, he sings of his past days as a naive man, just as Toby approaches behind him and slits his throat. Todd's blood drips onto his dead wife's face, and the two lovers, lost in the world of corruption, die still as a rock in the dark warehouse of dead bodies.

Other mistake: Based on the location of the barber's chair with the picture window in Todd's barber shop and the layout of the exterior of the building, there is no possible way that the chute behind the chair would be able to dump the bodies directly into the basement without going through the center of Ms. Lovett's shop.

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Sweeney Todd: [Holding up razor.] At last, my arm is complete again!

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Trivia: During its first month of production in London, Johnny Depp had to take a ten-day leave of absence when his daughter, Lily-Rose, was rushed to a hospital due to a severe illness (which was never disclosed by the media). To accommodate his absence, director Tim Burton filmed scenes that didn't feature Depp's character.

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