Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Trivia: The face on the small music box lid is visible when Will steals the key from Davy Jones. At Tia Dalma's, when Jack steals the ring, it lies beside a necklace whose pendant is identical to the face on Davy Jones's music box.

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Trivia: The incredibly short shot of Tortuga when it is first shown (with the man being dunked and such) was actually filmed on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland. While the ride was shut down for remodeling, the crew actually went there and shot the scene with a mixture of live actors and existing animatronic props. If you look closely, many of the "actors" can be seen as fake. (01:04:50)

Trivia: The rings worn by Jack Sparrow are not mere props, but rings that Johnny Depp actually owns. After completing the first film and learning of the second and third installments, Depp actually bought several rings specifically for the Pirates films. Another one of the rings he wears is actually a replica of an antique ring he owns.

Trivia: In the first visit to Tia Dalma's House, there are references to Barbossa showing up for the ending. While Will is talking, you can see Jack Sparrow pick up and look at Barbossa's hat. When the monkey jumps from its cage, you can see him run into the other room and jump on a pair of boots in bed, which belong to Barbossa as well we later see.

Trivia: After the credits roll out, there's an extra scene about the jail keys dog.

Trivia: Davy Jones's tentacles were inspired by a stained coffee cup. The special effects team was puzzled when they tried to figure out what the color and texture of his tentacles should be. Then they saw a used cup on the table with a coffee stain on the inside, so they scanned the stain into the computer and that's how he got his tentacles.


Trivia: The cast was clueless about what was going to happen in the bone cage. Director Gore Verbinski kept it a secret because he wanted to get their real reactions when the cage started swinging.


Trivia: This movie was shot back to back with Pirates of the Caribbean 3.


Trivia: The game that Will Turner plays with Davy Jones with the dice is a genuine game called Liar's Dice, a gambling game where each player has to make consecutively higher bids based upon how many of each die they claim are on the table (two threes, four fives, etc), until a player is called a liar, in which case all the dice are shown and it's seen if the bid is correct.

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Trivia: In the beginning of the movie, the 2 pirates that fish out Jack Sparrow's hat from the sea are speaking Turkish. The one who fishes the hat out of the sea says, "It's a hat. Now I am a captain." Then they start arguing, "It is my hat," "No, it is my hat."

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Trivia: Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio explain in their commentary that the scene where Will is talking to Cotton's parrot was originally much longer, with Will insulting the parrot and later apologising. We see none of this in either of the two DVDs - there are no deleted scenes. However, in the easter egg 'The Coconut Man,' we see this scene being filmed.

Trivia: According to the film's writers, Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott, in the DVD commentary, the ship captain that Mercer kills is named Hawkins. He is the father of Jim Hawkins from Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island." In that novel, Jim's father, a ship captain, disappeared without a trace. Rossio and Elliott decided to provide their own explanation as to what happened to him.


Trivia: Keith Richards was due to make a cameo role as Jack Sparrow's father, but had to pull out due to tour commitments with the Rolling Stones.


Trivia: The footage shown immediately at the beginning of the Tortuga sequence, including men dunking the mayor in a well etc. was originally filmed for the first movie, The Curse of the Black Pearl. However, it was cut out in the editing process, and was subsequently reused for Dead Man's Chest. You can see this edited sequence in greater length on the Special Features DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

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Continuity mistake: When the huge water wheel rolls to the beach and falls on its side, it falls with the broken, wide, wood side of the axle facing up. However, as Will and Norrington climb out, inexplicably it's the slim side of the water wheel's axle that is now facing up. But in a following shot, it is the other way round again. (01:52:22)

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Question: When Will goes looking for the key on the destroyed ship, a sailor falls in the foreground, and when Will approaches him he has no face whatsoever. Did the kraken do that? Why and how was he still alive?

Answer: Yes, the idea is that this poor soul got too close to one of the Kraken's tentacles and one of the suckers pulled his face off. Presumably he can still breathe in some fashion, something has been left that allows air access to the lungs, allowing him to still be alive, although it doesn't sound like he's long for this world, so presumably the damage is extensive.


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