Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bootstrap Bill gives Jack the Black Spot, he tells him "Jones' great leviathan will find you". The Leviathan was a giant sea serpent, prominently found in the Old Testament, with a snakelike appearance. The Kraken is a squid-like monster, exactly how it was portrayed in the movie actually, and an entirely different entity than the Leviathan. As a lifelong sailor and a member of Davy Jones' crew for over a decade, Bootstrap would certainly know which mythological sea creature Jones commands.

Correction: From Dictionary.com: le·vi·a·than 1. (often initial capital letter) Bible. a sea monster. 2. any huge marine animal, as the whale. 3. anything of immense size and power, as a huge, oceangoing ship..

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Corrected entry: Right after James, Jack, and Will engage in sword fighting, Elizabeth runs after them shouting and angry. As she looks at them initially, the background behind them is tropical forest and mountains. The scene cuts back to Elizabeth, then returns to the fighting men but the background for the rest of the scene is ocean and beach, with no mountains to be seen. (01:47:45)

Correction: No, look again. They head towards the mountains, but then turn left towards the ocean shore. The mountains don't disappear - they're just out of shot to the right.


Corrected entry: When Capt. Jack Sparrow escapes from the prison in the coffin and shoots the crow, he grabs the leg of the body from inside the coffin to use as an oar. The only problem is that they would probably throw out the dead bodies within a couple of weeks after they died, and therefore the bodies wouldn't have decomposed much. But the leg from the cadaver that was in Jack's coffin was nothing but bone, and would have had to be decomposing for quite a long time. I believe that they had him use the bone leg to add a theatrically gloomy element to the scene.

Correction: There are quite a lot of coffins being thrown to sea. It seems more likely that they wait until they're out of room to keep the corpses, before they go to the trouble to box 'em up and toss 'em out.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film you can see a bouquet of flowers, possibly the bridal bouquet. Included is a Phalaenopsis orchid, this is a plant from Malaysia and wouid not be discovered until about 200 years after the film is set. Even if somebody from that area knew about it anyway, which isn't unreasonable, one would not show up in a bouquet in the Caribbean.

Correction: Jack's been to Singapore. That's in Malaysia. If it's not unreasonable that someone could know about the flower, why is it impossible for it to be in the Caribbean? If Jack can make the trip, any trader can.

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Corrected entry: When the kraken first attacks the Black Pearl, the tentacles slither up the ship. The camera goes underwater a few times in this shot, showing that the tentacles were not animated underwater.

Correction: True, we can't see the tentacles underwater, but we can't see the ship either. The water is just too cloudy to see that far away.

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Corrected entry: When Beckett has Will summoned and makes the offer to get Jack's compass in exchange for his and Elizabeth's freedom, he pulls a pirate branding iron from the fire to emphasize his previous dealings with Jack. When he pulls the iron from the fire, it is red hot. Then the camera goes to Will for one line, then back to Beckett. The iron is no longer red hot. When he turns to put it back in the fire, it's glowing hot again.

Correction: Something as simple as a draft could cause this. The iron cooled off and stopped glowing, but a draft stoked it up again causing it to glow momentarily.

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Corrected entry: As Elizabeth is about to cuff Jack, a crew member is visible at the back of the boat. This is not an actor because all the characters had already abandoned ship.

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Correction: None of the filming crew is seen anywhere for the duration of this scene.

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Corrected entry: When the Black Pearl crew reach Tia Dalma's shack, all those who go to enter the shack say "Mind the boat". Jack says this and enters, as does Gibbs, Will, Ragetti, Pintel, Marty and the parrot. However, during the scene inside the shack, Marty is nowhere to be seen.

Correction: Marty is indeed in Tia Dalma's shack. When Gibbs asks, "What is inside?" and Pintel follows, "Gold? Jewels?" Marty is visible at the bottom left of the screen, behind Ragetti. He's seen in other shots from this particular angle, including when Gibbs, Pintel and Ragetti do their "Black Spot" spin.

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Corrected entry: When Will has survived the Kraken attack and swims back onto the Flying Dutchman, we see him holding onto the side of the Flying Dutchman to see the survivors being killed. Shortly afterwards, as the Flying Dutchman sails to the Isla Cruces, the ship goes underwater. Will is still on the side of the ship, and even if he was on board the ship, surely he would drown, as the whole ship is now submerged in water.

Correction: The Dutchman is never seen to go underwater during the journey to Isla Cruces, only once it arrives. At which point Will simply jumped off and swam to shore.

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Correction: He was a dirty stinking drunk in Tortuga and he was still wearing his old uniform which included his fake white wig. He got cleaned up and took the wig off by the time he got to the Pearl.

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Corrected entry: Will slides down the sail with his knife fairly easy. Back in the days of pirates, the sails were made in a special way. They were made of cloth, but also had a strip going lengthwise every few feet for support. On Mythbusters they tried to slide down a sail with a knife, but was unable due to the fact the knife would catch this support strip and they would lose their grip.

Correction: This is homage to a scene in Captain Blood, starring Errol Flynn. In a film with a Kraken and an octopus/human hybrid whose heart is in a box somewhere, directorial choice over technical detail is certainly allowable.

Correction: I'm sure he was aware of the change, or he may well have thought it was a joke and broken character. Plus, the take we see is very unlikely to be the first take.

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Corrected entry: In the scene on the Black Pearl where Jack and Elizabeth are talking about "curiosity," Elizabeth is gently grasping a rope lying on the rail of the ship. In one shot, as Elizbeth says, "to do the right thing," her arm is now lying across the rope instead of grasping it. (01:40:20 - 01:41:10)

Correction: The continuity mistake noting Elizabeth's arm on the deck rail, as she and Jack are speaking, is already noted.

Corrected entry: While no date is established for the film, it is reasonable to assume it is prior to 1704, when Port Royal was destroyed by fire, following a devastating earthquake in 1692. However, several vessels in the movie have gaff and driver booms on their mizzen masts, which did not start to occur until the middle of the 18th century.

Correction: Port Royal was only partly destroyed and was still active as a town and naval port for many years after the fire and earthquake. The producers have stated that the film is set somewhere around 1740, which fits the mast configuration dates quite well.

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Corrected entry: In Beckett's office there is a picture of an 18th century naval battle. How could he have the painting if they are in the 17th century?

Correction: Because they are not in the 17th century. The filmmakers have said the film is set somewhere between 1740-1760. That is the 18th century, not the 17th.

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Corrected entry: On the Letters of Marque, the King's signature is readable as "George R". But England never had a king named George until 1714 - and Port Royal was destroyed by an earthquake in 1692. (00:11:15)

Correction: While Port Royal was indeed heavily damaged by an earthquake in 1692, it was not destroyed completely and considerable effort was invested to rebuild. While it never achieved the same prominence as its earlier incarnation, Port Royal was still around during the reign of the Georges.

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Corrected entry: When Jack Sparrow is falling down in between the cliffs attached to his pole on Cannibal Island, there is a shot that shows the pole getting wedged. Tied to a rope that is tied to the poll, the force of stopping makes the rope around him quickly unravel. It shows a wide shot where Jack is unwinding about 5 feet below the pole, but then it cuts to a close shot and he is only a couple feet from the pole. Then it cuts back to the wide shot and he's back to 5 feet.

Correction: It cuts to a shot from above, which changes perspective. He's still the same amount away, he just appears closer with the pole at a different angle.


Corrected entry: When the Kraken attacks the Black Pearl, it takes one of the crew members in the lower part of the ship and pulls him through the cannon hole, snapping him in half. The problem is there was a three to four second hesitation, resistance that the Kraken was having pulling the crew member through. This is a beast three times the ship's size that can crush, smash, and destroy ships in seconds, but it has trouble with a single human being.

Correction: I feel that it's a realistic approximation of how the Kraken would have behaved. First, it wasn't expecting to have resistance and so had to prepare itself. Secondly, I think the Kraken IS too busy with other stuff. It's got about a dozen tentacles and loads of stuff is happening to each one, so I think the scene is portrayed realistically (apart from the fact that Krakens don't exist).


Corrected entry: When the monkey first appears on board the ship, Jack shoots it. However, there is a person standing behind the monkey. Yet after the shot, this person is unharmed. At that close range, regardless of whether the monkey is undead or not, the shot would have gone through the monkey. So even if Jack didn't miss the monkey, the person behind the monkey would have felt some of the shot.

Correction: If you look you'll see that the pistol doesn't actually fire it fails, Jack takes someone else's pistol and shoots the monkey from further away.

Corrected entry: It is shown that the monkey still has a reaction to being shot, as it is thrown forward the first time it is shot. However later, when Captain Jack demonstrates to Tia that it is undead, it has almost no reaction except for backing away from the shot. When Captain Jack actually shoots it, nothing happens and he couldn't have misssed from that range.

Correction: The monkey was inside a cage. After it backed away from Jack's gun, it was against the bars of the cage. So there was nowhere for the monkey to be "thrown" by the force of the shot.

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Continuity mistake: When the huge water wheel rolls to the beach and falls on its side, it falls with the broken, wide, wood side of the axle facing up. However, as Will and Norrington climb out, inexplicably it's the slim side of the water wheel's axle that is now facing up. But in a following shot, it is the other way round again.

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Elizabeth: There will come a moment when you have the chance to do the right thing.
Jack: I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by.

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Trivia: The face on the small music box lid is visible when Will steals the key from Davy Jones. At Tia Dalma's, when Jack steals the ring, it lies beside a necklace whose pendant is identical to the face on Davy Jones's music box.

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Chosen answer: Davy Jones cannot set foot on land for ten more years. The jar of dirt is to represent land. Jack carries it with him so that he always has land with him so Davy Jones won't be able to get near him, or so Jack is supposed to believe.

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