Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

They find the chest and Cap'n Jack, Will and Norrington fight for it. Norrington ends up with the heart and makes a run for it. The rest of the characters go back to the Pearl and are attacked by the Flying Dutchman. They outrun it but are caught by the Kraken. Cap'n Jack flees the ship in a rowboat. Will, Elizabeth and the rest of the crew hoist up a net filled withgunpowder intending to shoot it and set the Kraken on fire. Cap'n Jack comes back to the ship and shoots the powder (much to Elizabeth's surprise) setting the Kraken on fire, holding it off temporarily. They all agree that they should abandon ship. Elizabeth kisses Cap'n Jack which Will spots. She then cuffs him to the mast saying that it's him that endangers them. He gets killed by the Kraken. Beckett is given the heart by Norrington. The survivors of the Pearl go to Tia Dalma who asks if they want to save 'Witts Jack and his precious Pearl'. They agree. She then claims that they will need a Captain who knows where they are going. Down marches Captain Barbossa finishing the movie with the line 'So tell me what's become of my ship'? After the end credits, we see the dog that was left behind on the cannibal island sitting on the throne with a bone in his mouth. He has been made chief of the cannibal tribe.


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Continuity mistake: When the huge water wheel rolls to the beach and falls on its side, it falls with the broken, wide, wood side of the axle facing up. However, as Will and Norrington climb out, inexplicably it's the slim side of the water wheel's axle that is now facing up. But in a following shot, it is the other way round again.

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Trivia: The rings worn by Jack Sparrow are not mere props, but rings that Johnny Depp actually owns. After completing the first film and learning of the second and third installments, Depp actually bought several rings specifically for the Pirates films. Another one of the rings he wears is actually a replica of an antique ring he owns.

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Question: When Jack asks for Tia Dalma's help, she asks him what he brought for her. Jack then lifts the cage containing the monkey and shoots it. Jack then says, "An undead monkey". How is it possible for the monkey to be undead, wasn't the curse on the Black Pearl lifted?

Answer: There is a scene after the credits of "The Curse of the Black Pearl": the monkey got back to the cave and took a coin. That way he turned undead again.


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