A Nightmare on Elm Street

Trivia: When Johnny Depp is asleep in his room (just before he gets killed) with the T.V. on. The television says, "It is now 12 midnight and this is station KRGR leaving the air." KRGR is Krueger without the vowels. (01:08:10)

Trivia: The actors' reactions when the car roof came up were real - Wes Craven made the roof speed up unexpectedly.

Trivia: Wes Craven named Freddy Krueger after a bully who tortured him in school.

Trivia: It took 4 hours to apply the make up and rubber needed to create Freddy Krueger's face.

Trivia: Robert Englund, who is now famous for playing Freddy Krueger, was not the first person to be picked for the role. They wanted a stuntman to play Freddy instead.

Trivia: In the scene where Nancy is dragged under the bathtub, there was a false floor for Nancy to lie on and the set was constructed around a swimming pool.

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Trivia: When Freddy bulges through the wall at the head of Tina's bed, it is actually Jim Doyle (special effects specialist) standing behind a painted sheet of spandex, pressing against it.

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Trivia: While running away from Freddy Krueger, and aiming for the front door of her house, Heather Langenkamp (Nancy in the film) cuts her foot. You can tell by how she hops at the door before she opens it. (00:39:00)

Trivia: This film was banned in Finland and censored in Germany.

Trivia: Nancy tries to stay awake so she watches "The Evil Dead", this is in response to Sam Raimi putting a "Hill's Have Eyes" poster in the "Evil Dead".

Trivia: When Tina is dragged along the ceiling as she is killed. To do this they built the room out of metal with 3 rotating axes. They just covered the metal with scenery walls, to make it look like a regular bedroom. They bolted the camera, and every piece of furniture to the floor of the room. Nick Corri, who plays her boyfriend was similarly harnessed to the floor. As Tina is dragged across the ceiling the room is upside-down and she is simply rolling around on the ceiling of an upside-down room. Since the camera and Rod are both strapped to the floor of the room it creates the illusion that she is flying around the room.

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Trivia: All the boiler room scenes were filmed at Lincoln Heights Jail, which is now a condemned building due to all the pipes being covered with asbestos.

Trivia: The firey footsteps that led upstairs were Pyro gel set alight. When it leads upstairs to Freddy set alight, it is stuntman Tony Cecere, who actually specializes in being set on fire.

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Trivia: When Nancy runs up the stairs, and steps in the goop, pancake mix is used in the pre-cut holes (visible as a mistake) and the pancake mix was covered with Bisquick and chopped up carpet.

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Trivia: Freddy's hat is based on the hat of a homeless man that scared Craven as a child. His red and green shirt came from an article Craven had read saying that red and green are the two colors the human eye has the most trouble registering next to each other.


Trivia: Wes Craven wanted Freddy's makeup to look like most of the flesh has been burned away. Make-up artist David Miller could not take the makeup as far as Wes wanted so they decided to keep Freddy's face obscured in the shadows as much as possible.

Trivia: Wes Craven originally was going to have Freddy Kruger become a child molester. However, during the film's production, there were a lot of highly publicized child molestation cases occurring in California. Wes then decided to change Freddy Kruger to a child killer.

Trivia: Freddy Krueger has a total of only 7 minutes screen time in the entire film.

Visible crew/equipment: When Rod is being strangled by the sheet in the jail cell, watch as it goes around his neck and you can see the wire in the sheet that pulls it. (00:42:20)

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Nancy Thompson: I grab the guy in my dream. You see me struggling so you wake me up. We both come out, you whack the fucker and we got him.
Glen Lantz: Are you crazy? Hit him with what?
Nancy Thompson: You're the jock. You have a baseball bat or something.

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Question: I just saw this movie for the first time and I have three questions for it. First, is Freddy supposed to be a ghost or something or did he not really die? Second, how was Nancy able to bring his hat back after her dream? Third, what was with the ending and Nancy's mom? Was it a dream or real?

Answer: 1. Freddy is the ghost of a child killer, he is very difficult to be rid of. He did not die at the end of this film. 2. It is possible to bring items and even people in and out of the dream world. Although it is never explained in detail how. 3. It was a dream, but as seen in the film, that's not a good thing.


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