A Nightmare on Elm Street

Trivia: Freddy Krueger has a total of only 7 minutes screen time in the entire film.

Trivia: The sound of Freddy's knife-fingers scraping across metal was actually produced by scraping a steak knife across the underside of a metal chair.

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Trivia: A Jason hockey mask can be seen on the shelf in the room Nancy is trying to sleep in.

Trivia: After Wes Craven decided to cast an actual actor as Freddy instead of a stuntman, famed and prolific British actor David Warner was initially cast in the part, and even did some (really cool and creepy) makeup effects tests that can be found online. Unfortunately, Warner had to drop out of the part when scheduling conflicts arose at the last minute, which lead to Craven casting Robert Englund.


Trivia: In the entire movie the words ‘Elm Street' are never spoken once.

Trivia: Freddy is played by special effects man Charles Belardinelli in the film's intro. Since he'd already been hired to design and build Freddy's glove, the crew had the idea of putting him in the actual Freddy sweater and filming his hands while he showed how to cut the glove, insert the blades, make the hinge and then finally try on the finished version.

Trivia: Johnny Depp's death was filmed in the same rotating room that Tina's death was filmed in. The room and camera were flipped upside down, so they could drop the fake blood through the bed. However, during filming, the weight of the blood broke the supports and the room to begin to spin wildly, raining the entire crew with blood. The blood then hit some exposed cords, blowing all the lights and repeatedly shocking the blood-soaked crew in total darkness. Thankfully, a second take was not needed.


Trivia: Over 500 gallons of fake blood were used throughout the production of the film.

Visible crew/equipment: When Freddy falls over the banister onto the stairs near the end, notice the crash mat he lands on. (01:18:55)

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Glen Lantz: Miss Nude America is going to be on tonight.
Mrs. Lantz: How can you hear what she's going to say?
Glen Lantz: Who cares what she says?

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Question: Why did Freddy's voice change? At the start of the film when he was chasing Tina, he said, "This is god," but throughout the rest of the film (and the series of the films) his voice went deeper. You have to kind of listen carefully throughout the film to know what I'm talking about.

Answer: The scene you are referring to is a dream sequence. In dreams everything is different and how they change throughout the movie is no mistake.


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