A Nightmare on Elm Street

Corrected entry: The clothes of Freddy Krueger were based on the clothes of a homeless man that scared Wes Craven as a teenager.

Correction: Actually just that hat was inspired by a homeless man, the sweat shirt was from an article Wes read stating that red and green are two colors the human eye have trouble processing next to eachother (watch 'Special features' on the Platinum edition DVD).

Corrected entry: At the police station, Nancy's mother Marge says to her husband, "Apparently he was crazy, John." The husband's name is Lt. Don Thompson. John is the actor's real-life name.

Correction: She actually says "Apparently he was a crazy jealous." She says it quickly so you have to listen closely.

Corrected entry: After Rod dies and it cuts to his funeral, you wonder how they managed to organize such a funeral so quickly. Nancy couldn't sleep or she would dream of Freddy, so his funeral must have been the next day. This leaves two conclusions: one, Rod's funeral is organized in amazing speed (Try organizing a small scale funeral and it will take days - especially since Rod would have had a post mortem since he died in a prison cell in an "impossible" circumstance) or two, there is a major time frame gap where Nancy had been sleeping perfectly ok.

Correction: There is a time gap where Nancy was sleeping OK, she just wasn't sleeping AT ALL. At some point, Glen asks her how long it's been since she slept, and she says, "coming up on the seventh day."

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tina dies, she gets up from the bed (in the dream) and gets dressed. She was naked before, meaning she must have gone to sleep naked. When Freddy chases her down in the dream and we see her writing around on the bed, she is clothed. How could this be when she went to sleep naked?

Correction: What happens in the dreams really happens, so if she dreamt that she got dressed she will be dressed when she dies.

Corrected entry: Before embarking on her final dream quest, Nancy sets the timer on her wrist watch to ten minutes. When the timer reaches zero, the alarm goes off and she wakes up. However it is not her wrist watch sounding the alarm but the alarm clock on the table, at least we hear the exact same physical 'brrrring' sound we heard before, instead of a digital 'beep beep' a quartz watch would make.

Correction: She sets her wristwatch as a countdown to know when she will be awakened by the alarm clock on her bedside table - so she will know when she'll have to start fighting with Freddy.

Corrected entry: The movie is supposed to take place in Ohio but the cars have California License plates. For example Glen's car in the beginning and Nancy's Mum's car at the funeral. (00:04:45 - 00:47:20)

Correction: The "A Nightmare On Elm Street" series takes place in Springwood, California (except for part 6, which is in Ohio). When Tina mentions she has a feeling there is going to be an earthquake in the beginning of the film, it further implies that California is the location.

Corrected entry: After Freddy attacks Nancy in the bath, she gets out. When Nancy yells "Mom" you can see she's wearing a necklace. Then when Nancy reaches and grabs a towel, the necklace has gone. The necklace then reappears when her mother enters the bathroom and starts talking to Nancy.


Correction: She always has her necklace on. It never disappears, it is just a bit hard to see when she grabs the towel.


Correction: It's obviously a supernatural death taking place, so the amount of blood that erupts from the bed does not have to match the volume of blood that one human body contains.


Corrected entry: When Nancy is secretly staying awake by drinking coffee and trying to contact Glen, notice her alarm clock on her bedside table. However when she rips her phone out of the wall in frustration, the alarm clock has vanished. This was probably done so they didn't have to keep the time correct on the clock (since you were shown the time in earlier scenes) to allow for cuts, etc.

Correction: Nancy's alarm clock is always in view. It is there through the entire scene of her trying to contact Glen to when she rips out the phone in frustration. It's on her bedroom table, next to her lamp.


Corrected entry: When Johnny Depp's character falls asleep on his bed, the television signs off, the announcer saying that its midnight. After he's already dead, and the police are there, Nancy talks on the phone with her dad, who is at the crime scene. She asks him to come over and break the door down in 20 minutes, at 12:15.

Correction: Nancy does not say 12:15 she says "that's exactly half past midnight"

Corrected entry: When Nancy is running up the stairs she steps in some goo resulting in her feet becoming dirty, however once she reaches the top of the stairs her feet are clean.

Correction: It's a dream, anything can happen.

Visible crew/equipment: When Rod is being strangled by the sheet in the jail cell, watch as it goes around his neck and you can see the wire in the sheet that pulls it. (00:42:20)

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Glen Lantz: Miss Nude America is going to be on tonight.
Mrs. Lantz: How can you hear what she's going to say?
Glen Lantz: Who cares what she says?

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Question: When Freddy is killing Tina and slices her body she wakes up right before she gets picked up in the air and dragged across the ceiling. Wouldn't Freddy have stopped messing with her since she woke up at that point?

Answer: She was not awake. People scream, get out of bed and walk around, and even have conversations while sleeping.

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