Factual error: The movie takes place in Stamford Connecticut (per locations and is shown on cop cars). Eva buys a bottle of wine in a supermarket, but in CT only beer can be purchased in a supermarket. (00:25:15)


29th Dec 2020

Gremlins (1984)

Other mistake: When the gremlin is using live wires to manipulate the traffic lights, the smoke goes in reverse, indicating a reverse footage shot. (01:05:55)


1st Oct 2019

Casino (1995)

Continuity mistake: When Sam is talking with Philip Greene after firing Ward, there is a shot of Sam facing the camera gesturing with his right hand not holding a cigarette, the a shot with his rear to the camera holding one, back to a shot facing the camera with empty hands again. (01:10:45)


Revealing mistake: In the scene of Tod's death when we see the water leak creeping up toward him, if you look closely you can see the small holes in the tile grout where the water is being pumped up from below.


23rd Jan 2017

The Shining (1980)

Continuity mistake: When Jack is chopping at the bathroom door with the axe, he completely breaks through the right side panel. After the shot of Halloran arriving in the snow cat, we see Jack at the door again and there are a couple of large wood slivers lodged in the right panel.


Continuity mistake: In the Jeopardy scene, there is a long shot of the set where you can hear Alex Trebek mention it's the start of double jeopardy. However, if you look at the board, one category is already gone.


16th Aug 2016

Total Recall (1990)

Revealing mistake: During the scene when Quaid is escaping from Harry and his men, he slams two guys into the concrete wall behind him. The "concrete" wall shakes when the two men hit it. (00:22:25)


28th Jun 2016

Backdraft (1991)

Continuity mistake: Early in the movie when Brian visits Stephen on his boat, Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" is playing. Brian comments on Stephen's 8-Track player and tapes, but in one shot an Iron Butterfly tape is in the player, not Cream. (00:16:55)


Continuity mistake: In the "Another Brick in the Wall Part III" section of the show, look at the missing section of the wall on the right hand side. The bottom bricks of that section change from being filled in to being empty depending on the shot. (01:02:40 - 01:04:00)


8th Jan 2016

Trading Places (1983)

Continuity mistake: When Coleman is showing Valentine the Jacuzzi, in one of the close up shots the bubble jets are activated, in the next long shot there are not any active bubble jets working. (00:29:55)


16th Dec 2015

Gremlins (1984)

Revealing mistake: When Stripe is dying from the sunlight exposure, in some of the shots you can see his puppet strings (especially visible on Blu-Ray). (01:36:35 - 01:37:20)


Visible crew/equipment: When Del is trying to negotiate for a room at the El Rancho motel, part of the boom mic pole enters in the upper right corner of the frame (matted widescreen version of the film, not just the open matte 4:3 version). (01:09:05)


13th Feb 2013

Jurassic Park (1993)

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Grant and Lex are hanging from the fence cables on the wall in the Tyrannosaur paddock they start swinging back and forth to avoid the truck that is about to fall on them. Look closely in some of the closeup shots, you can see that the cable that Grant is holding on is actually a safety rig. The harness straps are visible.


1st Apr 2011

Jaws (1975)

Revealing mistake: On the second day aboard the Orca, Quint fires a barrel into the shark and they start to pursue it. There are some overhead shots of Quint on the pulpit and during some of these shots, you can see some sort of tow cable. It's visible on the bottom of the screen between some of the supports of the pulpit.


21st Jun 2010

Minority Report (2002)

Plot hole: In the scene where Anderton is talking with Hineman, she says to him that "You will bring down the [Precrime] system yourself if you manage to kill your victim. That would be the most spectacular public display of how Precrime didn't work." Shouldn't she be saying "If you manage to not kill your victim"? (01:01:30)


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Suggested correction: Well, if Crow did die, then Precrime wouldn't have worked because the whole point is to stop murder from occuring at all.

Brad Premium member

Ether way it is a hit against precrime. If he does not kill Crow then it shows that the vision may not come true so you do not know if someone would really have killed someone else, outside situation like with the cheating wife at the start where they interrupted the murder. If Crow is murdered then it shows the system is flawed, which would not be as bad as the first as you would still be stopping a lot of the murders.

I can't tell if this reply is suggesting the correction is wrong or stating the line should be "not kill", making the mistake valid. By not killing the victim, that shows how Precrime is actually working and that knowing the future means you can alter it. If the murder occurs, it would weaken Precrime's stance and support that it can prevent crime.


No if he chooses not to kill Crowe then that means that the visions are just a version of the future, and thus not the actual future. So all the people with the halo on them are locked up wrongfully, as they may have decided not to do it like Anderton did, so the system collapses. That was the point, and it did. Hineman's remark is about the idea that precrime stops all murders, unless Andrton does manage to kill Crowe. The system then is flawed but like the previous commentor says, they still prevent most murders instead of all of them, which would count for something.


17th May 2010

Armageddon (1998)

Other mistake: In the scene where the asteroids are hitting New York, there is an exterior shot of one of them hitting the South end of Grand Central Terminal. Another shot goes by and the film cuts to the main area inside the station, which is close to where the first asteroid hit. There is not one hint of damage, or any discernible reaction from the people inside from the first impact. (00:08:20)


11th May 2010

Apollo 13 (1995)

Continuity mistake: During the re-entry sequence, there is a shot of all the condensation from the control panel pouring over the astronauts. The next set close up shots of the men's faces show them to be completely dry. (02:05:55)


3rd May 2010

Robocop (1987)

Robocop mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the shot where Dick Jones is falling from the top of the OCP building, both of his arms appear to be about a foot longer than they should be. (01:36:30)


Continuity mistake: After Rod's funeral where Nancy's mother is about to get into her car, there's a shot of her saying "I'm going to get her some help". There's a gravestone behind her that reads "Coulter". When we see her entering the car, with her relative position unchanged, the gravestone reads "McRenolds" (00:47:05)


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