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Revealing mistake: In the shot where Dick Jones is falling from the top of the OCP building, both of his arms appear to be about a foot longer than they should be. (01:36:30)


Revealing mistake: After the one bad guy crashes into the giant vat of Toxic Waste, hardly any of the liquid from the container spills out for the first two shots. Then a few cuts later, almost all of it pours from the back of the truck. Judging by the size of the hole it left, more liquid should have been coming out around the truck, not just through it. (01:29:00)

Revealing mistake: In the firing range scene, before Officer Lewis puts her gun down, and leans forward to look at Robocop shooting, we see him fire three shots. Look closely the second time he pulls the trigger. He pulls the trigger, but there is no ammo sound, nor is there a firing spark. This is in the VHS version. (00:32:10)

Revealing mistake: When they're supposedly tightening down the L.E.D. the scientist is using a normal drill bit attachment. (00:27:00)

Revealing mistake: As Emil is being washed out from the back of the truck by the toxic waste, it's obviously a stuntman. The stuntman appears to have a dark mohawk which does not match the actor's hair.

Robocop mistake picture

Revealing mistake: The film takes place in Detroit, but it is glaringly obvious that it was shot in Dallas. First of all, in the early scene where Murphy chases Boddicker's gang on the highway, Reunion Tower, one of Dallas's most famous landmarks, is visible in the background. Much of Dallas's skyline is also visible in the final scene where Robocop confronts Dick Jones in the OCP boardroom. (00:15:15)

Robocop mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Robocop is completed and they are going over his gear, they show a tracker that shows his location at all times. The tracking unit is obviously fake; the street layout is a decal and the "blip" that is Robocop is in a fixed position. (00:30:20)

Revealing mistake: When RoboCop is getting into his car after remembering about his former life, and breaking out of the police station, look at the bottom of the screen. You can see that Peter Weller is only wearing half of the RoboCop costume, his right leg comes into shot as he gets into the car. (00:46:40)


Revealing mistake: As Boddicker swings the bar at Murphy, as Murphy's head drops down while deflecting the bar, the skin make-up at the line where it meets the part covering the back of his head wrinkles up a moment.

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Revealing mistake: When Bob gets killed by the main bad guy, his pants have unusual bulges in them, the blood packs.

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Revealing mistake: When Robocop throws the robber through the food machine, just before he hits the glass, it is break away and almost looks as if it is already broken.

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