Corrected entry: Murphy shoots a guy who pulls a gun twice in the chest. The second bullet passes through him and smashes the TV behind him. But the guy wasn't standing in the right position for the bullet to hit the TV. He should've been standing a little to the left. From where he was standing the bullet would've just hit the wall.


Correction: The bullet's trajectory could have changed inside the body by ricocheting off a bone.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Robocop is looking up the main bad guy in the police station, he scrolls down the many people the bad guy has killed. The word "Murder" is spelled "Murdr' and not "Murder."


Correction: It's just an abbreviation - the full line shows "ATTMPT MURDR", clearly a deliberate shortening of "attempted murder".

Corrected entry: In the scene where Robocop is using jars of baby food for target practice, Lewis is helping him use his L.E.D. targeting to be accurate. However, Robocop does not have his helmet with the L.E.D. on when he his shooting. Robocop does not have L.E.D. targeting in his eye balls. In the beginning of the movie, it shows that the L.E.D. comes strictly from his helmet.

Correction: Incorrect. The targeting systems are built into his eyes. We see the targeting grid being set in place during the POV transformation sequence. It covers Murphy's POV completely and is seen being screwed into place at each corner. If it was part of his helmet, (a) it would only cover the narrow helmet window, not Murphy's entire field of vision and (b) the attachments seen would not be required as the helmet would already be assembled before being placed into position on his head. Ergo, the targeting systems are built directly into his eyes.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Robocop confronts Emil, he sets of a fire by throwing a lighted cigarette towards the punctured Gasoline tube, a huge explosion occurs. Murphy's flesh is exposed but suffers no damage.


Correction: There is fire all around him, but not directly in his face - the only place where his flesh is exposed. The rest of his organic parts are shielded by the armor.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Clarence Boddicker barges inside and disables Bob by shooting in his thigh, he is seen to be pulling out a Disc, possibly a Video CD, from Dick Jones and loading it into the hi-tech console. If you notice closely here, the video feed appears the very moment the disc is pushed in, giving very little time for the machine to scan it's tracks, even the most advanced machine of that time should be taking around 20 seconds to display or play something.There is no connection between the Disc brought by Clarence and the feed played on the multiple TV sets.


Correction: You submission fails in two areas. Stating that the Disc was "possibly a VideoCD" being the first. We are not told what it is, so we cannot assume what it is. Secondly the movie is set in the future and its deliberately ambiguous as to when in the future it might be, therefore its reasonable to assume that if they can marry human brain tissue to a robotic suit to create Robocop, they can create a disc format that plays instantly.


Corrected entry: The scene where Robocop and Lewis are at the steel mill after he was all shot up by ED-209 and the police, Robocop removes his helmet. Robocop all through the movie has a black lining on the sides of his face and chin. When he removes the helmet they just disappear. (01:20:50)

Correction: The helmet may well have been holding the chin strap in piece. When he lifted the helmet, the chin piece simply fell away (off camera).

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When they test Robocop's functions while he sits on the chair, the female scientist says "Record" while the man next to her goes "Aaah" for the third time. But in the playback, the "Aaah" that he says is at a higher pitch. (00:31:45)


Correction: All the voices and sounds in the recordings sound "tinny" and higher-pitched. This is a Hollywood staple for any sound produced by a mechanical device, such as a tape, radio, walkie, etc.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: The scene in which Alex Murphy's arms are blown off and he's shot through the head was accomplished using a lifelike prosthetic puppet in the likeness of Peter Weller that could move its face to look like it was "screaming."

Jedd Jong

Correction: That is an incredibly common special effects technique. To be trivia it would need to be something unusual or different than what would be expected. Prior to CGI, all films would have used a similar technique.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Robocop is first revealed, he is exactly as tall as Bob Morton (he can look directly in his eyes as we see it from Robocop's view). When Robocop is in the police station for the first time (walking in the police station lobby, then facing Bob Morton) he is a head taller than Morton. In the shooting range, he is about 7 centimetres shorter than he was in the lobby. And so on through the entire film.

Correction: Differing camera angles. Robocop simply appears much taller than he is when he walks into the police station because the camera is looking up at them from slightly below. Furthermore, it's impossible to ascertain a negligible distance like seven centimeters from casual observation. Given outside of action sequences he's always played by Peter Weller in varying degrees of costume, there's no reason why his height should change anyway.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Robocop tries to arrest Dick Jones in the OCP tower, he goes in with his pistol holstered, yet when Robocop tries to shoot Jones, there's no sound effect to show he unholstered the pistol. The scene I am referring to is when Robocop and Jones are alone in Jones' office, not the end of the movie.

Correction: Not true. The sound effect can be faintly heard just before the gun is revealed. It's just masked by the score, Murphy's grunts and other background noise.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Murphy is practising his shots with the stacked baby food jars, his aim is "off", and he asks Lewis to "aim for me". The view through his visor shows the targeting lines are completely "off" and move into perfect position as Lewis moves the weapon. The computer targeting system should have appeared "on", moved "off" as Lewis re-aimed the weapon, and then moved back "on" as the computer re-acquired the target. If the visualization was still in-sync with the aim, then Murphy could have re-acquired the target without assistance.

Correction: We don't know how his targeting system works, or what was wrong. He just said it was "messed up". It is likely he could see his target and his visual display knew where he was actually pointing, but the malfunction prevented him from pointing to the correct spot.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Just after RoboCop has arrested Clarence, we see the police officers arguing. There is a shot of Lewis and the doors we see behind her are clear, no one is there or near them. A second later RoboCop and Clarence bust through the doors. How did they get into the hall that fast? (01:04:56)


Correction: If you watch through the doors during the dialogue prior to Robocop entering, right outside is a hallway immediately to the left and right of the doors (a cop is seen leading a criminal from the right to the left very close to the door). The angle Robocop and Clarence enter is at a slight right, indicating he could've come from the right hallway right outside the door.

Corrected entry: Robocop is seen scanning the police directory for information on Emil. This leads him to Clarence's rap sheet, including the charges for murdering Murphy. When he checks the file for Murphy, the photo shows him wearing his Detroit Police uniform (the OCP symbol is plainly visible on his shoulder). Given that Murphy wasn't even on the Detroit Police force for a day, let alone in the Police HQ for more than an hour, how is a casual shot of him in uniform in the HQ lobby on file possible?

Correction: Murphy's been part of the Detroit Police for years. At the beginning of the film, he's simply been transferred between precincts, not from another force altogether.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the film's end, Dick is giving a presentation to the OCP board about ED-209 replacing Detroit Police officers. The board claps midway through his speech, and you can see "the Old Man" start to get up and open his mouth. He then looks to the person next to him and sits down quickly, as if missing a cue and forgetting that Dick has more lines.

Correction: Or he got up to say something and then realized Dick wasn't finished speaking. This is a character mistake, not a movie mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Robocop is in the convenience store about to arrest the guy robbing the store, the robber shoots Robocop several times with a machine gun. Robocop walks up, grips the end of the gun, and bends it down. Basic physics dictate that either the robber would be lifted up or the gun would be prised out of his hands rather than the gun barrel bending, unless the robber weighs a ton and has an amazingly strong grip.

Correction: Unknown what the gun barrel is made of, but it appears to be very thin (exterior circumference) and would be extremely hot after the robber fired so many rounds. This combination, along with the robber keeping a tight grip on the weapon with both hands and Robocop very quickly bending it, could allow the barrel to bend in the manner portrayed.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: After Murphy dies, the screen goes black and there is a very cool sequence of scenes from RoboCop's point of view. In one of them, though, a female Security Concepts/OCP suit says, "Bring in the LED" and a green light-grid covers the screen. A technician then "secures" each corner with a screwdriver, but as he does each screw, the grid gets progressively closer to the screen, until it has disappeared. What kind of device would move each time a corner is tightened?


Correction: Unknown, but this one does. It is a technology of the future; we just need to accept that it works the way it is portrayed in the film. A curiosity, but not a movie mistake.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: During the botched demonstration of the ED-209 in the boardroom near the start of the film the ED-209 should not have been loaded with live ammunition as this was only a demonstration of its ability to recognize criminals. If the demonstration had been on a firing range or outside it would have made sense but to have loaded it for a showing in a board room beggars belief.

Correction: This simply demonstrates how overconfident Dick Jones and the scientists who built ED-209 were.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where the thugs are testing their new heavy weapons, one bangs on the roof of the car and says, "Mount up. "If you watch closely, when he hits the roof of the car, the rear view mirror falls off the windshield.

Correction: If the mirror appears in a subsequent shot (not scene) then that's a continuity mistake; but the mirror falling off to begin with is not a mistake at all. It happens.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Robocop tries to arrest Dick Jones in his office, he can't because of Directive 4. Dick Jones then tells Robocop "any attempt to arrest a senior officer of OCP results in shutdown". The shutdown never occurs.

Correction: That's because what's left of Murphy was able to fight back against his programming enough to avoid actually shutting down, although the directive still gave him considerable problems.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Robocop tries to arrest Dick Jones in the OCP tower, he goes in with his pistol holstered, yet when Robocop tries to shoot Jones, there's no sound effect to show he unholstered the pistol.

Correction: Directive 2 ("Protect the innocent") would have prompted Robocop to unholster his weapon the moment Dick Jones took the gun. He doesn't aim the weapon at Jones because Directive 4 prevents him from following through with the action until he's fired. When Dick Jones took and armed the gun and grabbed the Old Man, Robocop was standing across the room. The ensuing chaos - the bustle and screaming - simply masked the sound.

JC Fernandez

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