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Corrected entry: The hospital scene was shot with real doctors and other hospital staff. They improvised the whole dialogue and everything else as well.

Correction: What absolute bollocks. The doctors are played by actors L.J. King (his first acting role) and David Packer, who has appeared in M*A*S*H, St Elsewhere and C.S.I., amongst others. The nurse is played by Deborah Zach, another bit part actor. If you look carefully you can see that the scene is shot on the hospital set used for General Hospital.

Corrected entry: In the first scene of the movie a suspect says to Sgt. Reed "make it aggravated assault and I can make bail in cash now" to which Reed responds "listen pal, your client's a scumbag, you're a scumbag and scumbags see the judge on Monday morning, now get out of my police station and take laughing boy with you" and then he proceeds to throw them out the door. If he wasn't able to make bail then he would not have been able to leave the police station.

Correction: "Laughing Boy" is not the suspect, he is a bail bondsman. He is played by Charles Carroll who is credited as "Bail Bondsman." The suspect is still locked up.


Corrected entry: Murphy shoots a guy who pulls a gun twice in the chest. The second bullet passes through him and smashes the TV behind him. But the guy wasn't standing in the right position for the bullet to hit the TV. He should've been standing a little to the left. From where he was standing the bullet would've just hit the wall.


Correction: The bullet's trajectory could have changed inside the body by ricocheting off a bone.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: In the scene where Robocop is using jars of baby food for target practice, Lewis is helping him use his L.E.D. targeting to be accurate. However, Robocop does not have his helmet with the L.E.D. on when he his shooting. Robocop does not have L.E.D. targeting in his eye balls. In the beginning of the movie, it shows that the L.E.D. comes strictly from his helmet.

Correction: Incorrect. The targeting systems are built into his eyes. We see the targeting grid being set in place during the POV transformation sequence. It covers Murphy's POV completely and is seen being screwed into place at each corner. If it was part of his helmet, (a) it would only cover the narrow helmet window, not Murphy's entire field of vision and (b) the attachments seen would not be required as the helmet would already be assembled before being placed into position on his head. Ergo, the targeting systems are built directly into his eyes.

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Corrected entry: When Clarence Boddicker barges inside and disables Bob by shooting in his thigh, he is seen to be pulling out a Disc, possibly a Video CD, from Dick Jones and loading it into the hi-tech console. If you notice closely here, the video feed appears the very moment the disc is pushed in, giving very little time for the machine to scan it's tracks, even the most advanced machine of that time should be taking around 20 seconds to display or play something.There is no connection between the Disc brought by Clarence and the feed played on the multiple TV sets.


Correction: You submission fails in two areas. Stating that the Disc was "possibly a VideoCD" being the first. We are not told what it is, so we cannot assume what it is. Secondly the movie is set in the future and its deliberately ambiguous as to when in the future it might be, therefore its reasonable to assume that if they can marry human brain tissue to a robotic suit to create Robocop, they can create a disc format that plays instantly.


Corrected entry: Robocop is seen scanning the police directory for information on Emil. This leads him to Clarence's rap sheet, including the charges for murdering Murphy. When he checks the file for Murphy, the photo shows him wearing his Detroit Police uniform (the OCP symbol is plainly visible on his shoulder). Given that Murphy wasn't even on the Detroit Police force for a day, let alone in the Police HQ for more than an hour, how is a casual shot of him in uniform in the HQ lobby on file possible?

Correction: Murphy's been part of the Detroit Police for years. At the beginning of the film, he's simply been transferred between precincts, not from another force altogether.

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Corrected entry: When they're killing Murphy they're shooting at him at point blank range (6 or 7 feet) with shotguns. Murphy just stands in one spot and twitches in pain from the shotgun blasts. However the force of one shotgun blast at that range would be sufficient to knock Murphy to the ground, and probably even send him skittering across the floor a few feet.


Correction: The movie on this part is right, because by the law of physics called "Newton's third law of motion, Equal and Opposite Counterforce"; if Murphy falls to the ground or slides across the floor a few feet by the force of the shotgun the bad guys will do the same.

Corrected entry: When Robocop is looking up the main bad guy in the police station, he scrolls down the many people the bad guy has killed. The word "Murder" is spelled "Murdr' and not "Murder."


Correction: It's just an abbreviation - the full line shows "ATTMPT MURDR", clearly a deliberate shortening of "attempted murder".

Corrected entry: The scene in which Alex Murphy's arms are blown off and he's shot through the head was accomplished using a lifelike prosthetic puppet in the likeness of Peter Weller that could move its face to look like it was "screaming."

Jedd Jong

Correction: That is an incredibly common special effects technique. To be trivia it would need to be something unusual or different than what would be expected. Prior to CGI, all films would have used a similar technique.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the thugs are testing their new heavy weapons, one bangs on the roof of the car and says, "Mount up. "If you watch closely, when he hits the roof of the car, the rear view mirror falls off the windshield.

Correction: If the mirror appears in a subsequent shot (not scene) then that's a continuity mistake; but the mirror falling off to begin with is not a mistake at all. It happens.

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Corrected entry: When Robocop tries to arrest Dick Jones in the OCP tower, he goes in with his pistol holstered, yet when Robocop tries to shoot Jones, there's no sound effect to show he unholstered the pistol.

Correction: Directive 2 ("Protect the innocent") would have prompted Robocop to unholster his weapon the moment Dick Jones took the gun. He doesn't aim the weapon at Jones because Directive 4 prevents him from following through with the action until he's fired. When Dick Jones took and armed the gun and grabbed the Old Man, Robocop was standing across the room. The ensuing chaos - the bustle and screaming - simply masked the sound.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the looting in the movie is going on and the villains have to go, one of them says something about getting out of here and pounds on the hood of the car. If you look inside at this point you see the rear-view mirror fall off.

Correction: This does NOT claissify as movie trivia at all.


Corrected entry: After the cops have gone on strike, and we see the bad guy entourage meet downtown, Clarence gets a call as to the location of Robocop. He slams the door to his 6000 SUX and you can see the rear view mirror fall right off.

Correction: And why would this be considered movie triva at all?


Corrected entry: Robocop has to weigh at least 500 pounds. So why is it when he gets in his squad car (that wasn't even designed for him specifically) it doesn't lean to the drivers side? His weight should cause significant stress on the cheap Taurus model squad car's suspension.


Correction: There's no dialogue in the movie that specifies how much RoboCop weighs. He could be built from lightweight metal alloys. (At one point, he wraps his arm around Lewis and she helps him walk, so obviously he doesn't weigh that much more than a normal human being.).

Corrected entry: During the fight between ED-209 and RoboCop, Dick rings the police and says something like "There's trouble in the tower.". At this point, look VERY carefully at the triangle-shaped ashtray; a black figure moves slightly to the left, pauses, and moves very quickly to the left again. There's also a few other indecipherable things being reflected, but I think that it's the camera crew...

Correction: Being indecipherable things, the reflections could be almost anything, therefore, not a mistake.

Corrected entry: ED 209 is a stop motion puppet. There is only one shot of Robo as a puppet, when fighting ED he pushes his right arm up to blow of his left and you can see a crew member had to push the prop up.

Correction: Oh come on, this is trivia? Films have numerous ways of achieving certain special effects and the fact that there is nothing unique or special about using a puppet in a film, it's merely an observation.

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Corrected entry: After ED-209 goes on the rampage at his demonstration the shot cuts to the executive sitting in his chair. Behind this chair you can see the clapper board guy's head bobbling up and down.

Correction: First off, I didn't see anyone that fits this somewhat vague description. Regardless, during the demonstration a slew of people dived under the table while the ED-209 opened fire. In a wide shot, the secretary scrambles and hides behind the old man. It could have been any one of those people.

Corrected entry: The "Cobra Assault Cannons" used by Clarence & his gang are really dressed-up Barrett M95 .50BMG rifles.

Correction: They are m82s not m95s. The m82s are semi auto were the 95s are bolt action. Most of the m82 in the movie were castresin props with one real m82 for the firing shots. The real m82 from the movie is in a private collection.

Correction: Nonsense. The energy of the gun firing has to absorbed somehow, or it will eventually buckle the metal of his hand and arm. Having his hinged, articulated arm pivot to absorb the recoil makes perfect sense.

Corrected entry: Once Clarence's gang is finished shooting Murphy, Clarence shoots him in the head. At the hospital, there is no bullet hole in his head.

Correction: This is wrong, the bullet hole is there on Murphy's forehead. It's just that it focuses in on his face and not the top of his head. The hole is visible at least twice in the hospital scene.

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Revealing mistake: In the shot where Dick Jones is falling from the top of the OCP building, both of his arms appear to be about a foot longer than they should be. (01:36:30)


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[After ED-209 kills a junior executive.]
Dick Jones: I'm sure this is just a glitch. A temporary setback.
The Old Man: You call this a GLITCH?

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Trivia: ED-209's voice is provided by producer Jon Davison. He was recorded as a placeholder, but the filmmakers kept it for the theatrical release. ED-209's roar is a jaguar growl played backwards.

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Question: Does anybody know why the name of the ED-209 was changed to ED-260 for the RoboCop cartoon (and, I believe, the toy line)?

Answer: According to Wikipedia the ED-260 is an upgradeable version of the ED-209.

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