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Corrected entry: In the drugs factory, when Robocop starts to bang on the door, you can see at least 4 people on the stairs and overhead walkway. After Robocop knocks the door down and looks around, we see this through his view and they have vanished. They reappear when the camera view returns. (01:03:30)

Correction: If you watch after your screenshot some seconds more you can see a second stair behind the empty one. And there are still people on it.

Corrected entry: Robocop actually kills a guy (the "fuck me" robber) with a swing blow that sends the guy through a refrigeration unit. He KILLS a guy but doesn't report it. He says, "Thank you for your cooperation. Good night." He then shoots a rapist but doesn't report it. He says, "I will notify a rape crisis center," but he doesn't report the shooting. This guy is not a cop at all.

Charles Austin Miller

Correction: We don't see everything he does or doesn't do. Much like other cops in movies, films would be pretty dull if they took some action and we then had to watch them in real time have a conversation on the radio about it followed by hours of paperwork.

Correction: First of all, I'm not sure where you got the idea that him clotheslining the robber and making him fall through the refrigeration unit kills him. You're the first person I've seen make that claim. He just looks like he gets knocked out. Second, both instances you mention cut away before we see the aftermath. It's not too difficult to presume that he either booked the perps or contacted other police to come clean up after him offscreen. After all, we do see him arrest Clarence later, so we know he does arrest people.


Corrected entry: When Robocop confronts Emil, he sets of a fire by throwing a lighted cigarette towards the punctured Gasoline tube, a huge explosion occurs. Murphy's flesh is exposed but suffers no damage.


Correction: There is fire all around him, but not directly in his face - the only place where his flesh is exposed. The rest of his organic parts are shielded by the armor.


Corrected entry: The scene where Robocop and Lewis are at the steel mill after he was all shot up by ED-209 and the police, Robocop removes his helmet. Robocop all through the movie has a black lining on the sides of his face and chin. When he removes the helmet they just disappear. (01:20:50)

Correction: The helmet may well have been holding the chin strap in piece. When he lifted the helmet, the chin piece simply fell away (off camera).

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Robocop is first revealed, he is exactly as tall as Bob Morton (he can look directly in his eyes as we see it from Robocop's view). When Robocop is in the police station for the first time (walking in the police station lobby, then facing Bob Morton) he is a head taller than Morton. In the shooting range, he is about 7 centimetres shorter than he was in the lobby. And so on through the entire film.

Correction: Differing camera angles. Robocop simply appears much taller than he is when he walks into the police station because the camera is looking up at them from slightly below. Furthermore, it's impossible to ascertain a negligible distance like seven centimeters from casual observation. Given outside of action sequences he's always played by Peter Weller in varying degrees of costume, there's no reason why his height should change anyway.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Robocop tries to arrest Dick Jones in the OCP tower, he goes in with his pistol holstered, yet when Robocop tries to shoot Jones, there's no sound effect to show he unholstered the pistol. The scene I am referring to is when Robocop and Jones are alone in Jones' office, not the end of the movie.

Correction: Not true. The sound effect can be faintly heard just before the gun is revealed. It's just masked by the score, Murphy's grunts and other background noise.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Just after RoboCop has arrested Clarence, we see the police officers arguing. There is a shot of Lewis and the doors we see behind her are clear, no one is there or near them. A second later RoboCop and Clarence bust through the doors. How did they get into the hall that fast? (01:04:56)


Correction: If you watch through the doors during the dialogue prior to Robocop entering, right outside is a hallway immediately to the left and right of the doors (a cop is seen leading a criminal from the right to the left very close to the door). The angle Robocop and Clarence enter is at a slight right, indicating he could've come from the right hallway right outside the door.

Corrected entry: Near the film's end, Dick is giving a presentation to the OCP board about ED-209 replacing Detroit Police officers. The board claps midway through his speech, and you can see "the Old Man" start to get up and open his mouth. He then looks to the person next to him and sits down quickly, as if missing a cue and forgetting that Dick has more lines.

Correction: Or he got up to say something and then realized Dick wasn't finished speaking. This is a character mistake, not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: After Murphy dies, the screen goes black and there is a very cool sequence of scenes from RoboCop's point of view. In one of them, though, a female Security Concepts/OCP suit says, "Bring in the LED" and a green light-grid covers the screen. A technician then "secures" each corner with a screwdriver, but as he does each screw, the grid gets progressively closer to the screen, until it has disappeared. What kind of device would move each time a corner is tightened?


Correction: Unknown, but this one does. It is a technology of the future; we just need to accept that it works the way it is portrayed in the film. A curiosity, but not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: During the botched demonstration of the ED-209 in the boardroom near the start of the film the ED-209 should not have been loaded with live ammunition as this was only a demonstration of its ability to recognize criminals. If the demonstration had been on a firing range or outside it would have made sense but to have loaded it for a showing in a board room beggars belief.

Correction: This simply demonstrates how overconfident Dick Jones and the scientists who built ED-209 were.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Robocop tries to arrest Dick Jones in his office, he can't because of Directive 4. Dick Jones then tells Robocop "any attempt to arrest a senior officer of OCP results in shutdown". The shutdown never occurs.

Correction: That's because what's left of Murphy was able to fight back against his programming enough to avoid actually shutting down, although the directive still gave him considerable problems.


Corrected entry: The first time Robocop is revealed (when Bob Morton pulls away the plastic sheet, Johnson says "Go Robo!") he walks forward into clapping crowd. On a monitor to the left you see Robocop turn to the right and walk away to the right, but from Robocop's point of view we see that he is still walking forward into the crowd.

Correction: How do we now that the image in the monitor is live feed? I mean, maybe they showed clips of Robo in action to the crowd and the video was still rolling.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Lewis brings in an insanely violent prisoner - even though he is handcuffed, he is violent and out of control. At least a dozen male cops watch her struggling with him at the risk of serious injury and not one does a thing to help her! In real life he'd be face down on the floor underneath three or four hefty officers in a second - and remember, in this film the police are even more heavy-handed than in real life.

Correction: This is, at best, a character mistake based on their decision to not help her. According to the plot, however, her fellow male officers know she has proven herself their equal, including in how tough she is. They simply knew she could handle this one handcuffed prisoner, and likely enjoyed watching him get his butt kicked by a woman.


Corrected entry: When Clarence is in the street, he takes the RoboCop locater out of his pocket and we can see that it's already turned on. He still pushes a button on it though and it beeps to signal it's on. He must need even bigger glasses. (01:21:55)


Correction: He may not be turning it on, he may be activating a refresh mode or something like that to get the most recent position. The trucking company I work for has satellite location for the trucks, and sometimes I need to refresh the location doing something just like that to get the truck's current position.

Corrected entry: After the criminal who was holding the woman hostage has been shot in the most unfortunate of places, the woman stands in awe looking at her dress. Just after she starts running to hug RoboCop, you can see that the hole in her dress has dropped down a couple of inches.


Correction: It's very likely the skirt would have been hiked up a bit, by her being held by the villain, or while leaning up against him. She looks down at her dress, then runs to Robocop, during which time, her movements would have allowed the dress to drop to its' proper length.

Corrected entry: When Robocop goes to arrest Dick Jones, he drives into the basement parking lot of the OCP building and then takes a long ride in a glass elevator to the top of a very tall skyscraper where Jones' office is located. Later, after being driven out of Jones' office by the ED-209, Robocop escapes into a stairwell and down a flight of stairs. The 209 cannot navigate the stairs and ends up falling down them. As the 209 struggles to upright itself, Robocop staggers down what appears to be only one more flight of stairs before exiting a door where he is suddenly back in the basement parking lot. How did he get back down to the basement so fast?

Correction: It simply cuts to the last flight of stairs to save time. As you mentioned, the elevator ride itself took a long time, so how pointlesss would it have been to show Robocop decending over 100 flights of stairs? The cut appears to have been made this way as lots of action movies use this technique to keep the action/intensity of the scene going. In this case, for the firefight that insues with the police units once he reaches the garage.


Corrected entry: It is established early that Robo's armor is titanium laminated with Kevlar, and is shown stopping all kinds of weapons, yet at the end of the movie Clarence drives a spike through the armor like it was simple plastic. Even with the heavy spike he should not have been able to do that.

Correction: 1) Robocop has taken quite a beating during the film, and his armor may have been already damaged in some spots. 2) Clarence rams the spike into a joint that connects two armor plates, not through the armor itself. If Robocop did not have these spaces between his armor, it would all be connected as one piece, and he would not be able to even move.


Corrected entry: Right after Clarence's gang arrives at the mill Robocop tells Louis that she should leave then he cocks his gun. However he visibly strains while cocking it, he even grimaces in frustration and looks like he's about to swear. So much for his 400 ft-lb grip. It could be argued that this is because he's damaged, however bear in mind later in the film he moves some thousand pound I-beams off himself with his arms, after sustaining even more damage.


Correction: Peter Weller is an actor and surely knows better than to "grimace" in frustration". As for "looking like he's about to swear", he doesn't. The grimace is to give a human touch to the character, even if strictly speaking it is incorrect.

Corrected entry: You can see many small pieces of dry ice in the Toxic Waste that pours out of the truck to give the liquid a steam effect.

Correction: We don't know precisely what was in the tank of toxic waste. The small, steaming chunks could have been a part of the chemicals thrown in the waste, and not necessarily dry ice.


Corrected entry: When the "melting man" grabs his buddy, you can see part of his hand in the side of the frame a good second or two before he leaps out, as if he is waiting for his cue to go.

Correction: We see his hand because he is slowly stumbling into frame, closer observation of the scene reveals this.

Robocop mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the shot where Dick Jones is falling from the top of the OCP building, both of his arms appear to be about a foot longer than they should be. (01:36:30)


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[After ED-209 kills a junior executive.]
Dick Jones: I'm sure this is just a glitch. A temporary setback.
The Old Man: You call this a GLITCH?

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Trivia: ED-209's voice is provided by producer Jon Davison. He was recorded as a placeholder, but the filmmakers kept it for the theatrical release. ED-209's roar is a jaguar growl played backwards.

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Answer: When Bob Morton is told by a tech that one of Murphy's arm was saved, Bob stated that he wants total body prosthesis. Meaning Robocop's entire body was synthetic. None of his actual body was used. The only thing that was used was Murphy's actual face.

Also, his human brain, and possibly his spine, where OCP could wire him into the suit.

Movie Nut

Answer: Most of his head and brain, about 40% of his upper torso, none of his pelvic area or limbs.

Grumpy Scot

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