Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Trivia: The severed heads in the guillotine basket are of the film directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg.

Trivia: The ship we see Jack on in Salazar's flashback is called the Wicked Wench. This is a bit of an in-joke for PotC buffs, because that was the original name of the Black Pearl before being sunk by Cutler Beckett and raised again by Davy Jones. It's fully explained in a deleted scene of At World's End.


Trivia: The Latin inscription on the diary reads "Verum omna simul astra", which means "All the stars speak the truth always."

Trivia: Sit through the credits, there is a scene at the very end.

Trivia: When the British soldier tells Jack that guillotine is the new surprise way of being executed, he says guillotine sounds French, then says that the French invented mayonnaise. This is just like a deleted scene in the first PotC movie, Curse of the Black Pearl, when Jack is about to be shot and tries to say Parlay, then rambles on about the French, saying that they invented mayonnaise.

Trivia: Jack, an imprisoned pirate played by Paul McCartney, sings a few lines of "Maggie Mae," a song from the Beatles' 1970 "Let It Be" album.

Trivia: At 129 minutes, it is the shortest entry in the series, with each other film running between 137-168 minutes.

Trivia: Christoph Waltz was originally cast as the villain (then named "Captain Brand"), but had to drop out. When Javier Bardem was cast, the character was slightly reworked and renamed to account for his Spanish heritage and accent.

Trivia: Spoilers. Before the film was released, co-star Orlando Bloom confused some fans by referring to the film as both a sequel and a "soft reboot," making some think that the film was ignoring previous installments or was only going to focus on Jack Sparrow exclusively. When the film was released, it was revealed that he was actually cryptically referring to the fact that there were some shake-ups to the cast, as his character Will Turner is freed from his curse and thus could return from future films, Keira Knightly is re-introduced after being absent in the fourth film and the character of Hector Barbossa is given a hero's exit when he sacrifices himself.

Trivia: The bumbling pirate characters of Pintel and Ragetti were originally going to be in the film. The actors who portrayed them were both interested, but were ultimately unable to return due to scheduling conflicts.

Trivia: The only film in the series in which Hans Zimmer is not the lead composer. Due to scheduling conflicts, he was unable to return, and the score was instead handled by Geoff Zanelli, who is a friend and protégés of Zimmer.

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Suggested correction: Technically incorrect. The first movie's primary composer was Klaus Badelt, Zimmer worked on some pieces of the original but was not the primary composer.

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