Trivia: Johnny Depp's character Rango says "interesting" a few times throughout the movie and while that isn't trivia in itself, the fact that Johnny Depp says it in "his way" in a lot of his movies at some point or another.


Trivia: Jar Jar Binks can be spotted on a wanted poster in the first jail scene in the background.


Trivia: At the beginning of the movie when Rango is flying around on the highway he lands on the windshield of a red car with a bald man smoking a cigarette, that is a reference to the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in which Johnny Depp stars.


Trivia: The character Rango was modeled after Don Knotts' character, Barney Fife, from "The Andy Griffith Show".

Continuity mistake: When Rango was at the mayor's office, the mayor grabs out a jug of water, and he opens the lid. But in the next shot, the lid is sealed again.

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Rango: We can control it! Like a monkey's bladder!

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